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OFW calculates money left after sending most to her family

Most of you might think that getting money through working abroad might be as easy as a piece of a pie. Well, I suggest you think again. You might want some things to reconsider.

A video has emerged about a month ago on Facebook, showing a Filipina worker facing the calculator app on her smartphone. She wasn’t calculating the amount she will earn for another period of working but rather, whether or not the money she will send to her family is enough to sustain their needs for the month and how much will be left with her. The video owner wrote that it was only yesterday since she got that money, and the same as what most OFWs usually do, she immediately reached for a bank to send it right away.

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Since there was no available space left at the bank, the video owner decided to just sit on the floor along with the others. The unaware woman in the video, accordingly, stood and walked to ask the exchange rate between Philippine Peso and Saudi Arabia Riyal which is at Php 14 this time. When she had returned back to her seat, the video owner thought that she would just take a glance on her Facebook newsfeed but it turns out that the woman was computing the money that will be left for her consumption, after deducting a portion that will be sent to her family.

She had overheard a conversation between her fellow Filipina worker and her husband on Messenger. That was when the woman had told that there is only SR 10 left with her. That’s equivalent only to Php 136.10, which is marginally petite.

The whole point of the concerned netizen was to correct the misconception of considering OFWs as one time millionaires who have instant money anytime they wanted. She had emphasized that there are times that the money they earn would only last a day after they are being sent to the Philippines and they will wait for another 30 days to earn that same amount. What makes it worse is that only a small portion of their earnings will be left to their needs.

The video post has gained more than 300,000 views and 7,000 shares. Despite the owner’s concern towards her fellow worker, many netizens have suggested that it would be better if she had asked for permission before taking the video. But the video owner had already made things clear by posting a screenshot of the woman’s comment regarding the post, telling that she was very touched by what she did.

OFW Belike

Hndi ito alam ni ate habang nsa Bangko kami at kinukunan ko sya ng Video.

Kahapon sumahod nsa sya,kinaumagahan padala agad Ganun kadali ang pera naming mga OFW.

Pagdating namin sa bangko kanina pumila kami para kumuha ng Number. Dahil wla ng upuan na bakante upupo kami sa sahig  mayat maya lumayo sya konti sakin akala ko saan pupunta yun pala magtatanong kung magkano palitan

Lumapit kay ate kabayan at Nagtanong si ate(Kabayan magkano palitan?)(13.61 kabayan). Tapos bumalik sa tabi kong nakaupo sa sahig pagkaupo, nilabas ang Cp nya akala ko kung mag Fefacebook lng, naisip ko wla nga pala kaming simcard paano makaka Facebook si ate..

Magkoconvert pala ng palitan at tinitingnan kung may matitira sknya sobrang natouch ako dahil ganun ako minsan kapag magpapadala na hindi ko alam kung pinadala lahat ng sahod nya na 400USD/1500 RIYAL/PHP 19,500.. kailangan pa nya kasing hulugan ang BDO Acount nya sa PINAS para hndi magclose. Hndi nmn ako nagtatanong kung pinadala ba nya lahat ng sahod nya. At kung magkano pa natira sknya.

Paguwi namin,kinagabihan nagusap sila ng asawa nya thru Messenger, ako nmn nakikinig lng sa usapan nila..  tapos nabanggit nya sa asawa nya na 10 Riyal(Php 136.10) nlng pera ko.

Ganun kadali ang pera naming mga OFW sahod ngayon bukas padala na agad. Yung mga nagsasabing abroad maraming pera!Mali po kayo. Oo may pera kami pero wla pang isang araw sa palad namin maya maya wla na nmn. Maghihitay na nmn ng 30 na araw para magkapera. Pero sa kabila ng yun Dugo,pawis,hirap,pagod,luha,puyat ang dinaranas namin bago kami makahawak ulit ng pera. Ganun ang OFW,mahirap pero kinakaya namin para sa pamilya.

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