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OFW Bashed For Wearing Makeup on Her Facebook Video Seeking Help

Social Media has bridged the gap between Overseas Filipino Workers and their loved ones left in the Philippines. Internet and these different social media sites have been their means of communication. Facebook, the most famous and widely used among them all, has not only sustained relationship of families living apart but also paved the way for OFWs to air out their distress and agonies abroad especially with their employers.

The Concerned Netizen

Rueline Capilitan Lauron, one of the members of a Facebook group called OFW KAMI SA GITNANG SILINGAN – KAPIT BISIG posted in the group last July 2 videos of an OFW pleading for help.

OFW’s Misery

In the video, you can see Johaira Enggang, an OFW, working as a domestic helper at Jeddah explaining her miserable situation in tears. Her working contract says she’s bound to work in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, however, her employer moved her to Jeddah.

Johaira claimed that the son of her employer sexually a***** her. When she reported about the incident, the employer, instead of helping, scolded and laughed at her. Johaira’s employer even wished her son really r**** her. Aside from that, she wasn’t given meals and salary for three months now.

Photo credit: Facebook

Netizens Reaction

In the comment section, some netizens were bashing Johaira for wearing makeup in her workplace. It sounded like she provoked the son by putting on lipstick and doing her eyebrows. One netizen even commented, “ate naman kasi todo make up ka kaya mapagsasamantalahan ka talaga.”

Photo credit: Facebook

Johaira defended herself saying she wasn’t wearing makeup at all.

“Ndi po ako naq kilay yan po talqa kiyal ko at lips ko at mokha ko.” 

Photo credit: Facebook

Other netizens came to defend her as well and tried to share the videos hoping it will catch the attention of the government or by Tulfo.

Three days ago, Rueline Lauron updated her post that Johaira Enggang will either be moved to Dammam or back to Riyadh.

Source: Facebook

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