Fri. Jan 24th, 2020
Pinay worker

OFW Accused of Theft, Threatens By Employer To Cut Both Her Arms and Legs

An Overseas Filipino Worker was accused by the employer to steal a necklace and threatens her to cut both her arms and legs.

A concerned OFW posted a video of a fellow OFW who was accused by the employer of theft. In the video, a Pinay domestic worker is seen taking a video of her personal belongings, saying that it was messed up by her employer, looking for the necklace that they accused her of stealing.

The worker also added that her male employer (Baba) threatens her to cut both her arms and legs. He also threatens to send her in prison, saying that she will spend ten years of her life inside the jail. He also demanded the domestic worker to pay for the bracelet which cost, 40,000 pesos.

Pinay worker

Not satisfied with his threats, the Pinay worker added that she was hurt physically by him, smacked her back with a slipper, causing it to feel painful. The Pinay worker also said that she was dragged by her employer, forcing her to go out to send her to the police. However, she refuses and fights hard, afraid of being salvaged by them instead of sending her to the police as what they claimed.

She also forces herself to work still even though her back is hurting due to the smacked it received for fear that her employer will notice that she asks for help and confiscate her mobile phone instead.

Unable to help

The Pinay worker begs for help to be rescued from her employer before her situation gets more difficult. However, as much as concerned netizens, advocates want to help they can’t because there is no other information about the Overseas Pinay worker. She didn’t even show her face in the video or even introduced herself. But we hope that advocates can find a way to identify this OFW soon so that she’ll be rescued immediately.


To those who require immediate help, please, don’t let your panic control you and calm yourself even though it’s difficult. Advocates need to know your name, address, employer’s name, and agency’s name to reach you.

Strong kalang d WE…. my awa c GOD.. MA RESCUE KAGD DRA DAUN…..

Posted by Evyonnie Cionaig Lariohi on Saturday, September 28, 2019

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