Mon. Oct 14th, 2019
HSBC building

Filipino workers gather at the HSBC building in the central business district of Hong Kong.

OFW Accused of illegal Peddling at HSBC Building in Central

During her free day, a Filipino domestic worker was caught peddling a phony Adidas jacket at the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) building in Central and was charged in court.

On March 19, 2019, respondent Mer Angeli G.S. appeared before the Eastern Magistrates’ Courts to plead not guilty to the three cases filed against her.

  • selling goods with a fake trademark
  • possessing goods with a fake trademark
  • breach of a condition of stay

Last February 11, 2018, Sunday, a covert Custom officer found the respondent selling a phony Adidas jacket at HSBC building, a favorite meeting place of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) during their free time.

What’s more, the law enforcement agents discovered 15 more phony Adidas phony jackets in her possession. While in Hong Kong, Angeli, like any other domestic workers are not permitted to do any type of work aside from their normal job.

“Hindi po,” was Angeli’s reply to Eastern Principal Magistrate Peter Law.

The prosecutor said, “You were allowed to stay here with a contract as a domestic helper but you put up a business without the permission of the Director of Immigration.”

The trial of Angeli’s case was set by Judge Law on April 12 at Eastern Magistrates Courts.

Hopefully, Angeli gets a light sentence if found guilty since the fake goods in her possession cover a small amount.

In the meantime, the Immigration Department (ImmD) of Hong Kong effected a region-wide hunt for undocumented workers codenamed “Twilight” from March 11 to 14.

Immigration officers stormed 41 locations, including workplaces, a building site, a home for the elderly, a plant, a garbage gather point, an industrial building, a massage parlor, eateries, a shopping center, and a stockroom.

The operation netted 32 violators, 25 illegal workers and 7 alleged employers. The illegal workers involved 16 men and nine females, from 24 to 57 years old. Five men were in possession and using fake Hong Kong identity cards. The suspected employers of the illegal workers comprised six men and a woman, aged 28 to 59.

According to the arresting officers any person who violates the condition of stay will be held accountable and subject to the penalties under the law. Further, without permission from the Director of Immigration visitors are not permitted to take any paid or unpaid employment in Hong Kong.

Violators will be prosecuted and if guilty will be slapped a fine of $50,000 and an imprisonment of up to two years. Accomplices will also be subject to prosecution and penalties.

Source: HK News

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