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acne removal tips

Numerous tips on how to get rid of acne

Are you bothered by acneand breakouts? Have you tried countless of ways of removing acnes but failed at every single one of them? Studies have shown that having pimples causes depression. The sight of pimples and scars affect the self-confidence of a person. Being a busy OFW is not an excuse to forget taking care of our skin.

Brian Turner, a US bodybuilder, shared important tips on removing acne. The 23-year-old used to have acne all over his face and body. Tired of these cysts, he tried drastic steps to remove these breakouts and came out with valuable tips on removing acne.

In his YouTube video, he said that his methods are divided into three categories: easy steps, moderate steps and difficult steps. Among these tips are ordinary techniques that we can do every day.

The Easy Steps

  • Avoid touching your face. The sebum and dirt on your hands will go straight to your face if you keep on touching it.
  • Use a simple cleanser that suits your skin type. If you are using a cleanser with benzoyl peroxide, stick with the 2.5 percent strength and never go beyond it. Using the product beyond this amount can result in even more breakouts.
  • Slowly cut down on food that causes acne. Observe the food you eat and determine which one is worsening your skin problem. Foods that contain gluten, preservatives, soy, sodium, sweeteners, fats, whey and cocoa are culprits in acne breakouts.

Your diet affects your skin, there are specific foods that cause breakouts. A sudden spike in the blood sugar causes the release of insulin. Too much insulin makes the oil glands produce more oil. These are just some of examples of food that cause a rise in the blood sugar: sugar, pasta, white bread, and white rice.

  • Change the bed sheets and pillow sheets regularly. By regularly, we mean changing them every day. For people with pimples on their back, changing the sheets every day is an absolute must.

The Moderate Steps

These are also tips on removing acne:

  • Avoid drinking soft drinks and juice.
  • Eat food with probiotics
  • Drink at least one gallon or 3.7 liters of water
  • Eat 12 servings of veggies every day. Foods that are friendly on the skin includes pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, brown rice, vegetables that are yellow and orange, spinach and leafy vegetables, quinoa, and whole-wheat bread.
  • Take a shower immediately when you are sweating. Taking a shower after your workout removes oil and sweat.
  • Avoid eating dairy foods

The Difficult Steps

Just in case the easy and moderate steps are ineffective, try these difficult tips on removing acne.

Both alcohol and cigarettes are triggers for pimple breakouts.

If all these steps fail, visit your dermatologist for other measures.

Acne is a problem for both men and women. There are many reasons why we have pimples: diet, lack of sleep and unhealthy lifestyle. Knowing the effects of these triggers lessens those irritating pimples on the body. Following the tips on removing acne can make your skin clean and blemish-free. A clear skin adds wonders to your attractiveness and confidence.

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