Tue. Jul 14th, 2020
No Salary

No Salary For Four Months and Expired Iqama; Employees Strike Against Saudi Company

Saudi Arabia is once again making noise among the community of the Overseas Filipino Workers in the Middle East because of the recent strike.

Countless of Filipino families rely on their family member’s support from working abroad to send money back to the country. While Saudi Arabia may be rich in oil, how they treat their workers speak otherwise.

Strike against a Saudi Company

In a recent viral video, a strike action was captured by an Azmeel Contracting Company operator named Raffit Ali Khan. In his caption, he said that the people were rallying against the company for not getting paid for their dues for four consecutive months.

The company that Raffit was talking about is Azmeel Contracting Company, the same company where he works as a heavy equipment operator.

As a continuation to his caption, he also pointed out some of the iqama (resident permits) of the workers have already expired while some of them do not have any.

Company’s responsibility

It is the company’s duty to comply and fulfill these requirements but none of the mentioned was taken care of.
Living and working abroad and risking all they had back in the Philippines is a huge risk. But to end up not being treated right is worse. It is already too bad that their families are far from them. The government should protect their workers, immigrants or locals alike.


Also captured in the video were police cars drifting away from the crowd of protesters.

As they drove off, shootings were heard in the background. As proof, there were visible gunshots imprinted in cars.

The office was also turned upside down. Good thing that no injuries were incurred during the incident.

Life in the Philippines will soon get better and a lot easier for Filipino workers and hopefully, not a single one would feel the need to go abroad to serve another nation.

The Philippine Embassy and POLO representatives led by Philippine Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Adnan V. Alonto, met with the key officials of the Saudi Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) Branch in the Eastern Region, to discuss the situation of the Filipino workers of Azmeel Contracting Company

Filipino workers from the company’s worksites in Dammam have been caught in the middle of protest actions led by the company’s workers for delayed salaries. A total of one hundred eleven workers have already left their campsites to seek assistance from the POLO, and have been put in temporary shelters while their situations are being resolved

Source: Philippine Embassy Saudi


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