Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

NO ONLINE APPOINTMENT: OFWs Are Advised Visit DFA for Passport Renewal

For those OFWs who are intending to renew their passports in the Philippines, you can go to the DFA NCR Central Office (Robinsons Galleria) and apply for a new passport thru a walk-in process, no more processing or online appointment.

Just after brewing frustration that most expatriate workers have experienced towards stronger guidelines to get a job in the United Arab Emirates, some form of consolation has thankfully been given to our group, the Overseas Filipino Workers.

Assistant Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Frank Cimafranca, has been sure to enlighten everyone that individuals planning to travel abroad will no longer have to make appointments and have their passports processed. This was the biggest frustration among current international travelers whose passports are about to expire.

The most recent practice by many Filipino international travelers is to log on to the DFA website first and then book a slot for an appointment, which normally leaves one having to wait several months due to allocation concerns.

Reportedly, after Cimafranca’s statement, it will no longer be the case: “Ang mga OFWs wala nang kailangang appointment. They only can come to any of our offices, walk-in, and apply.” He also mentioned that their website has been already updated to give this direction as well.

To add even more value to the service, they provide to the Filipino people, a portal devoted solely to first-time overseas workers will be launched linking them to the recruitment agencies they have applied for. This is expected to help significantly with the turnaround time for these future OFW papers to be processed. This innovation will be launched this week, as reported.

The following persons may also qualify for a passport through the Department of Foreign Affairs with no appointment; special lanes will most likely be accommodated for any of them:

  • Senior Citizens with accompanying IDs (Senior Citizen)
  • People with a disability with accompanying IDs (PWD)
  • Solo Parents with accompanying IDs (Solo Parent)
  • Pregnant women with Medical Certificates
  • Children seven years old and below

DFA NCR Central or Robinson Gallery is a special office for OFW Passport Renewal. Applications for all OFW walk-in applicants are from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. No need to queue as the Overseas Filipino Workers get to apply directly. Just make sure you’re going through the OFW Lane.

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