Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

No Contact For Seven Months, Child Asks Help To Locate Her DH Mother

A child of a Pinay DH, Shayda Mirajul Damman, seeks help to locate her mother, Nadsa M. Dammam. 

According to Shayda, it has been seven months that her mother had not made contact with them. Added, that the employer forbids her mom to contact family in the Philippines. And when the employer allows her to call, it’s only once a month. 

But what worries Shayda along with families is her mother, Nadsa, had not called them for seven months now. That they have tried calling the employer’s number, but it’s also unreachable. Added that the last time they received a call from her mother, her mother told them that she might be killed by her employer. 

“Humuhingi po kami ng tulong sa inyo yung nanay ko po pitong buwan na hindi tumatawag sa amin yung amo niya binabawalan sya mag tawag sa amin isang beses sa isang buwan lang po sya tumatawag. Kaya nag aalala po talaga kami sa nanay namin. Tulungan niyo po kami kahit mahanap lang po nanay namin.sobrang nag aalala po talaga kami kahit po tinawag namin yung number ng amo niya hindi na po ma contact.binabawalan din po sya mag cellphone ng kanyang amo. Yung huling tawag niya po sa amin kung hindi po sya matutulungan baka daw mapatay sya ng amo niya,” said Shayda.

Moreover, Shayda said that they have reported her mother’s situation to the recruitment agency’s staff, but he/she just ignored them and even threatens them to face charges if they try to go to the embassy personally. 

“yung agent niya po kinontact namin hindi po kami inaasikaso wala po syang pakialam mas lalo po sinabihan kami na baka po makasuhan kami kung pupunta kami sa agency,” added Shayda.

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