Sun. Sep 23rd, 2018
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Newly-deployed OFWs Warned against Dubious Filipinos Abroad

Many OFWs working in a foreign soil have one thing in common a good life for their families back home. However, there are inevitable circumstances where newly-deployed Filipino workers put themselves in troubles apparently made by fellow OFWs.

Even in other places, newly-hired OFWs are not exempted to fall into the hands of swindlers and people with bad intentions. Trusting a barely-known fellow Filipino worker can be considered a root cause for falling prey to abusers.

Filipinos who left the Philippines for the first time find it difficult to adjust particularly in the way of life or the present society. Sad to think that incidents of swindling or a***** to new Pinoy contract workers happen in countries where there is a huge number of Filipino communities.

Lifestyle influence

New contract workers sometimes get influenced by old timers or long-staying migrants since they know better about the local culture and domestic events. Newly-deployed OFWs are prone to influence since they can get envious or aspire for a faster progress in life.

This could be the best opportunity for abusers to borrow money and put these OFW newbies into a more serious debt problems. In fact, there are a lot of surviving OFWs who can make the day by just borrowing money without any intention to pay back or commit petty theft against fellow Filipinos.

Impression about new OFWs

It is normal for newly-hired OFWs to bring enough money for their personal expenses while trying to establish themselves at their work destinations.

There are common scenarios where permanent-residing OFWs take advantage by asking these first-timers to shell out additional home expenses on their behalf. Others with self-vested interest are pretentious enough to ask money and then leave the newcomers hanging in the air.

This would become an additional burden for new contract workers aside from personal debts left behind from the Philippines.

Preventive measures

First-time deployed OFWs should remain calm and vigilant upon arriving at their point of destination. They must observe different cultures happening in a foreign environment including the behaviour of Filipinos who are already settled for a long time.

Fortunately, there are civic organizations and Filipino communities available to take care of newcomers whether newly-deployed or re-hired contract workers.

They can also seek personal advice from friends and relatives who have been living in the country of their work destination for quite a long time.

The Philippine government continues to remind OFWs about any potential danger that may arise once they landed in an international territory.

The potential risk of becoming victims can be reduced by staying observant, culturally-oriented and discreet on personal information. With a lot of OFW sad stories being reported here in the Philippines, it is quite enough to warn every Filipino who are aspiring to land a decent, high-paying job somewhere outside of the country.

In case of doubts or emergency situations, OFWs should not hesitate to report such bad incidents whether to the local authorities, Philippine embassies or social media portals.

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