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Need to Know Things About the Solo Parent’s ID

Solo parenting is a tough job to handle for many Filipinos today. Republic Act No. 8972 was signed into law to help solo parents and their children enjoy certain privileges, only if they have a Solo Parent ID.

Who is a solo parent?

RA 8972 has clearly defined the meaning of a solo parent. They are:

A woman who gave birth as a result of r@*e. A mother becomes eligible even if the offender has not been convicted, provided that she has decided to keep the child.

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A parent left with the full responsibility of parenthood due to the following conditions:

  • If the spouse dies unexpectedly
  • If the spouse is serving imprisonment for at least one year
  • If the spouse has physical and mental incapacities certified by a public healthcare professional
  • If the parents are legally separated for at least one year and the children are entrusted under his/her custody
  • If the parent’s marriage is declared null and void by a legal court or church
  • A Single mother or father who takes care of his/her children rather than entrusting them to welfare institutions
  • Individuals who render parental support to a child or children at their own capacity
  • A family member who assumes full responsibility as a result of death, disappearance, and abandonment of biological parents

Solo parents whose personal income falls below the “poverty” threshold as set by the National Economic and Development Authority are also eligible. Moreover, a local DSWD representative from any city or municipality could assess the applicant if she/he would qualify.

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Benefits of a solo parent ID holder

Solo parents are encouraged to inquire from these attached agencies to know more about the Solo Parent ID benefits:

  1. Healthcare benefits from DOH
  2. Educational services and scholarships from DepEd, CHED, TESDA and DOST
  3. Housing benefits from NHA and LGUs

If you hold a Solo Parent ID, you are able to access various social benefits such as service discounts, tax incentives or scholarship programs for your children. Employers will be held accountable in honoring the terms of RA 8972. The law also grants all cardholders 7 days of parental leave, which you can utilize to attend your child’s important events.

The solo parent’s ID requirements

Interested applicants should submit the following requirements to any city or regional DSWD office:

  1. A barangay certificate that indicates your residence status for the last six months and current social status as a single parent
  2. Supporting documents such as the birth certificate of children and death certificate of spouse
  3. Certified documents that will show any proof of your personal income

Once the social worker ensures that your documents are complete, you will be given a designated case number to be registered under the Solo Parent log book registry. When your application has been approved, claim your Solo Parent ID after 30 days. The Solo Parent ID is valid for one year and is renewable, provided that you only submit updated documents.

Solo parenting is difficult, but Republic Act 8972 is here to lighten up the burdens off your shoulders.

Source: DSWD

6 thoughts on “Need to Know Things About the Solo Parent’s ID

  1. Nag apply ako ng solo parent ID, hindi nila ako binigyan kase daw yung dalawang anak kong napalaki ko na ay dina daw minor. 47 y. o. Na ako ngayon. Annuled ako since year 2000 until now ay hindi na ako umasa sa tatay ng anak ko. Mag isa akong nag sumikap sa kanila. Noon wala naman yang solo parent ID, ngayon lang yan taoos di nila ako binigyan. Di koman nadama ang ganda ng Solo Parent ID.

  2. Pwede po ba akong mag- apply sa solo parents id? May anak kasi ako sa pagkadalaga. Hindi kami nagkatuloyan ng father ng anak ko at Hindi rin kami kasal. Bali ang anak ko po ngayon ay may cerebral palsy, at dahil dito ay Hindi ako makapagtrabaho, plus pati parents ko na may stroke ay ako pa rin any nag aalaga..

  3. Pwede po ba akong mag apply ng solo parent id? My apat po akong anak at hiwalay po kami ng aking aswa mula pa po ng 2016 hangaang ngaun at wla po akong kinakasama hanggang ngaun..Isa po akong ofw dto sa UAE at ako lng po ang sumusuporta sa knila

  4. Pwede po ba ako mag apply sa solo parents my anak ko isa hndi kami nagkatuloyan nag father nag anak ko 7 months palang akung buntis hndi kuna nakikita ang father nag anak ko at kahit peso hndi nka pag bigay sa anak niya ako ang nag trabaho sa abroad kahit hndi ako tpos nang elementary…kung hndi ako mag trabaho wlang wala kami 49 years old na ako

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