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bahay kubo

Bahay Kubo Designs In The Philippines Blueprint

The modern version of the nipa hut has already taken different designs but living or staying in a modern day bahay kubo while on vacation still offers several advantages.

Many homeowners in the Philippines now opt to build homes that are made almost entirely of concrete but there are still those who want to live or at least occasionally spend time in a bahay kubo, the traditional house that Filipinos used to live in. Bahay kubo style houses, for instance, are popular in beach resorts and as guest houses.

bahay kubo

The bahay kubo, for one, is airy. It uses light materials that are well suited to the country’s warm weather. The walls made of bamboo mats allow the air to get in providing comfort during a hot day.  The walls also allow sunlight to filter in so natural light gets inside.

bahay kubo

Because it uses indigenous materials such as bamboo, coconut lumber, and rattan, a bahay kubo is also cheaper to build. In rural areas where bamboos abound, getting the bamboo poles to be used as wooden posts only takes cutting the poles.

There are also suppliers who sell bamboo, coconut lumber, sawali (bamboo mats) and other materials used in bahay kubo at a relatively cheap cost. The price of bamboo poles can range between PhP 150 to PhP 300 pesos depending on the size and the location of the supplier. The supplier may also charge for trucking fee to deliver these materials and this could fetch about PHP 1,000.

bahay kubo

As for sawali measuring 4FT x 8FT for interior and ceiling use, the cost is about PHP 450 while sawali measuring 7FT x 30FT for use in construction and perimeter fencing costs Php2,250. The price may also vary depending on the area. Delivery charges may likewise apply.

The roof of the bahay kubo is traditionally made of nipa but use of this material has several downsides. Nipa can be easily damaged by wind and rainwater so a GI sheet roofing can be opted to. Some modern dayhut are also a combination of concrete, bamboo, and sawali.

bahay kubo

If you are looking forward to having your own modern day bahay kubo, professional builders with years of experience can help you build and design a bahay kubo style house but you can design the house yourself.

Below are some designs of modern day bahay kubo that can give you inspiration on how you can build your new home:

bahay kubo
bahay kubo
bahay kubo
bahay kubo

Roughly the entire cost of building 1 of this bahay kubo can range from 250,000 Pesos to 350,000 Pesos per 50 square meters. One factor of the price difference is your location and the type of materials that you’re going to use. The price also excludes the price of the lot.

bahay kubo

Do you want to build your own bahay kubo? Contact us by sending an email with details like your lot location (include the elevation and the site map)

68 thoughts on “Bahay Kubo Designs In The Philippines Blueprint

  1. Can you send to me your architectural designs of this native building by how much it cost? I have design to convert it into resto business in Ayala Alabang my lot is about 200 sq meters part of which could be bigger space for parking.

  2. Hi I would Love to builtd a couples of this maybe 3 to 4 bed rooms each I would like you guys to contact me. We are having a Family Reunion next year around November so I love this to be finish by then.

  3. Rationally, how can ds endure d strength of typhoons regularly visiting our place? Ds s really my dream house. Simple yet elegant. Lesser electrical consumption.

    1. That would really depend on how the contractor will build your bahay kubo. Your local builder could usually assess and estimate them.

  4. Can you provide the blue print floor plan for bahay-kubo-design-3 display picture 2ND from the top & how much it will vost me. Thanks

    1. we only do the plans. you will have to look for your constructor. although, we can sometimes suggest a builder if we can.

  5. hello po , i‘m interested of having a bahay kubo sort of bahay baksyunan were all the necessities is all in … pls send me a quotation of a 100sqm modern bahay kubo … with 3 bedrooms , kitchen , sala , cr and shower
    preperably with balkon … thank u in advance

    location lobo batangas …

  6. Hi Kim here
    floor plan sice and price for detals
    it is the Bahay Kubo Designs im interestet in with 2 room

  7. Paki-contact po. We are interested of having a bahay kubo for vacation house in Lipa City, Batangas. pls send me a quotation of a 100sqm modern bahay kubo with 3 bedrooms, kitchen, sala, rest room with shower, including wrap around balcony. Salamat po.

  8. Hello, can you please give us a quote for 250 sq meter property in Indang, 3beds 2 bath., one floor. Please give us some designs.
    We’re interested to check your pricing. Please email to :

    Thank you



  9. We are interested to build a design bahay kubo, but not in bamboo.
    Like 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, around 100sqm in Batangas.
    Can we have a quote please
    Thank you

  10. Interested ako sa mga ibat-ibang design
    Looking for an open floor plan with 80sqm 2 bedroom, 2 bath.
    Location is in iloilo…
    Anyone knows of good builders in iloilo?

  11. Hello, could you send me all house type/floor plan with price. My place is loacted in Batangas 600sqm. Thanks!

  12. I would like any information and possible blueprints to construct a buhay kubo in my wife’s province of Bicol. Thank you

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