Mon. Oct 14th, 2019
Alone In Saudi Airport

Mentally Ill OFW Left Alone In Saudi Airport

A concerned netizen, Anabel Francisco Onio, posted in Ka OFW (Kaagapay ng Bawat OFW) a video of a Filipina who seems not in the right mind, left alone in Saudi airport. 

In the video, the mentally ill Filipina is sitting alone in the airport. And when other concerned OFW approached her, tries to talk to her and get her to stand, she won’t listen and appeared to be talking to herself. 

The concerned OFW even tries to open her bag to check her plane ticket and see her flight schedule, but the sick OFW won’t let her and tries to hurt her instead. 

Alone In Saudi Airport

Scolded by other race

On the other hand, the OFW who took the video, among with her companion was approached and reprimanded by a lady who’s of a different race for taking a video of the Filipina and also for laughing at the Filipina’s expense. 

“You don’t take video of her, that’s not okay. You don’t know her that’s not okay. Maybe she has in-laws and she’s sick and your laughing, that’s actually not okay, you don’t do that,” said the lady. 

Alone In Saudi Airport

Already in the Philippines

Meanwhile, concerned Kababayans managed to check the bag of the sick OFW and found out that her plane ticket along with her passport is there. They also found out that the sick OFW has the same flight schedule with them. To make sure that she’s safe going home, the concerned OFWs made sure that the sick OFW flies home with them. Now, the OFW is safely back in the Philippines although there’s no news if they’re able to contact authorities or her next of kin. 

pero ksabay nmin xia ngaun mg fligth..ksi tiningnan bag nia andun ticket at passport nia.. kya sinabay xia ng mga kabayan ntin pauwi pinas ksi kawawa tlga..

It is also unknown the real reason behind the sick OFWs condition. If she’s maltreated by her employer, left alone in the airport, or her sickness started when she’s already in the airport. 

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