Tue. May 21st, 2019

A Hateful OFW ‘Mayordoma’ did this to Fellow Filipino Household Worker

Being in a foreign country is not easy. You only not have to adjust to the new faces around you but also with their culture and tradition. So it is normal for OFW’s to feel relief and feel like finding an ally, a friend, whenever they meet a fellow Filipino abroad. But what if that fellow Filipino will make your life difficult instead?

Abusive Mayordoma

Lydia Manzano, a mother of an OFW in Egypt, asks help for her daughter through posting on her Facebook timeline. According to her, her daughter along with her fellow Filipino maid is being badly treated by their mayordoma which is also a Filipino. Lydia said that this mayordoma physically hurts them.

“Sinasabutan, nananapak, nambubugbog at putok pa ang labi. Kinakaladkad sa hagdanan pababa. “

The uploaded pictures show that the poor domestic workers have a hematoma on the left arm and right side of her breast. A wound on her lips and even lots of hair pulled out.

In addition, they are not allowed to go outside to asks for help from the police. Their employer also banned them from using a cellphone anymore.

Lydia names the mayordoma as MICHELLE OCCIANO from CAMARINES SUR.


Drunk with her position as ‘mayordoma’

It is no wonder that this mayordoma is annoyingly drunk with her position. Inflecting pain to her fellow domestic helper, considering herself untouchable, thinking that she’s the boss and better than them. This kind of person is a poison to their own self. She clearly needs to wake up and see the glaring fact that she’s no better than her fellow Filipino domestic helpers. She is still a helper and not a boss.

We hope that the Philippine government or private entity will immediately take action and help tFilipina. We also hope for the mayordoma’s immediate deportation.

Source: FB

Humihingi po ako ng tulong para sa aking anak na kasambahay sa Egypt. Binubugbog sila ng mayordoma na kapwa pilipino din…

Posted by Lydia Manzano on Monday, 15 April 2019

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