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OFW Handbook

Mandatory OFW Handbook Now A Law

As we are all aware of, domestic worker abuse is rampant nowadays especially, in The Middle East. And one of the many factors that contribute to this abuse is OFWs not knowing their rights and responsibilities as migrant workers.

As sad as it is, we can’t deny the fact that some OFWs feel afraid of their employer because they belittle themselves thinking that they have no right to fight back. And this is because they lack knowledge of their rights as overseas workers.

To amend this, and make Filipinos be aware of their rights and responsibilities, President Rodrigo Duterte signed a law where it orders the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to develop, distribute and update the handbook of OFWs.

This handbook will serve as a reference for OFWs whenever they needed to review their rights and responsibilities as migrant workers. This will be given for free to every overseas Filipino worker either by sea or by land.

The handbook aims to educate OFWs things they need to know to maintain good employment state.

To make it easier for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to fully understand their rights and responsibilities, the handbook will be published in English with local dialects translation.

OFW Handbook Law

The law was signed on February 22, “The Handbook for Overseas Filipino Workers of 2018” or Republic Act 11227. It is the modification of RA 8042 or the “Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995.”

What does this handbook law complement?

The Handbook for Overseas Filipino Workers of 2018 complements many things.

  1. It complements the worker education program for different agencies.
  2. Provides basic knowledge and information on the work and living conditions in the country where OFW is heading to.
  3. Makes migrant workers aware of the good things and bad things about working abroad.
  4. Provides information to OFWs for their reintegration to society.

Source: Philstar

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