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Rovilyn Faith

Male Employer Caught In The Act Bribing Pinay Worker To Do Malicious Things To Her

Overseas Filipino domestic workers don’t only need to prepare themselves for the physical abuse that their employer may do to them, but also need to be watchful on their male employer’s behavior. And in this case, a male employer was caught in the act giving money to Pinay domestic help to bribe her in doing malicious things to her.

In a video posted on Pinoy Viral Facebook page, a male employer forbiddingly went inside the Pinay worker’s room wanting to do malicious things to her. The Pinay worker is identified as Rovilyn Faith Metuda from Brgy. Bosque Linamon Lanao Del Norte, working as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia.

In the video, Metuda tries many times to talk her male employer out of the room a couple of times but the male employer refuses and even tries to touch her which is strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia.

Despite her reasoning to make her male employer go out of her room, the employer refused to listen and told her to not report his deeds to her female employer.

“Don’t tell madam, tell her if I do it again,” said the employer.

He even gives money to Metuda in which she asks,

“Why you give me money?”

“For bataga,” the employer replied.

Bataga means load on credit phone. Some of the male employers used this way, bribe their workers to have a permit to do whatever they wanted to do with them.

The argument continued

Metuda and male employer argued some more. It seems like the employer is asking something from Metuda which Metuda doesn’t and led her to threatens his male employer to kill him.

“ana sawey mot inti,” Metuda bravely told his employer, which means
“I will kill you, baba.”

The employer only started to go out of her room when she showed the knife she hid under her bedsheet.

Please notice this post:Name: ROVILYN FAITH METUDA From BRGY.BOSQUE LINAMON LANAO DEL NORTECurrently in SAUDI ARABIAContact: +966504305399 ( employer )Employers name: FATIMA MANSOOR ABDULKHALEQ ALSHAMRANI Pinasok nang among lalaki at binigyan nang pera for some reason which they argued about… May infos pa na ibang address ang pinag dalhan sa kanya .. Nasa probinsya daw sya ..In the vedio ms. Metuda wants his male employer to go out in her room couple of times.. his actions was malicious which is strictly prohibited in the kingdon of saudi arabia while the other one stated "dont tell madam,tell her if i do it again" She ask "why u give me money"?He replied " for bataga ,means Load or credit on phone" (paraan nilang mga ibang arabo silawin/painan ka nang pera kung kakagat ka dyan nila gagawin lahat ng gusto nila..) Sa pagkaka intindi ko based on the vedio The man was asking for something idinadaan nya s pera si kabayan. …ang tapang ni kabayan stating "ana sawey mot inti" which means "i will kill you" baba ..please sana po mabigyan nang pansin agadhelp me share para umabot sa pamilya nya at s gobyerno… I seek help also s mga advocates …dont worry kabayan in sha allah parating na ang tulog..

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