Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

Mag Invest sa Bahay at Negosyo, Hindi sa gadget at luho

Almost every overseas Filipino workers have that same goal in mind – to invest anything out of their hard-earned income and to return home to the Philippines while bringing financial stability.

However, some OFWs can not keep track of this goal because of the luxury of living abroad. They try to purchase trivial stuff, waste their days on jewelry and pricey mobile phones, without thinking that it must be well invested in the Philippines, whether it be a home or a lot, a business or a mode of transportation for their families.

This OFW shared her story of how she managed to evade the criticism she had received from a fellow OFW.

Facebook user MhaiMansueto San Pedro said she was in a mall when the incident happened. A Filipino went to her, looked at her from the head – to – toe, and asked whether she was new abroad.

Mhai said that this was her second contract. Confused, some other OFW asked why she didn’t have gold (referring to gold jewelry) and a decent smartphone. She replied, saying, “Hindi ako maluho.” (I’m not a luxurious person.)

Mhai thinks there’s no need to buy those things since she’s investing something for her family at home. Over the last two contracts she had abroad, Mhai was able to invest a house and a lot for her family as well as a motorcycle as their means of transport plus a tricycle to add to their daily income. She also claims how she can buy whatever her children want.

Mhai is an inspiration among the OFWs. It’s right to leave something for yourself, but you should always remember what is your main goal of working abroad – raising your family’s financial situation and saving them from poverty.

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