Tue. May 21st, 2019
Minerva Jane Borca

Ma uwi ka na sa Pinas, ako naman magtatrabaho

Tourism Grad to OFW Mom: Come Home I’ll be the One Who’ll Work From Now On

This is an inspiring story for all children of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) whose parents are not around by their side. A tourism graduate of Our Lady of Fatima University has written a touching message for her OFW mother on her graduating picture instead of putting her name, student number and course took.

Minerva Jane Borca wrote the message for her mom Maria Fe, “Ma uwi ka na sa ‘Pinas, ako naman magtatrabaho,” (Mom, please come home to the Philippines. I’ll be the one to work from now on)” on her whiteboard. Her motivating Facebook post, which was written last March 22, garnered 6,500 reactions, 4,300 shares and hundreds of comments.

Minerva even shared a number of sad recollections about her mother’s situation while working in Muscat, Oman. “Ne (referring to Borca), sobrang nakakapagod dito, wala pa’kong kain nagkape lang ako,” (Work is too tiring here. I have not eaten yet, only coffee) according to Maria Fe, who started working in Oman when Minerva was still young.

“Mabuti pa ‘yung sahod buwan-buwan umuuwi ng ‘Pinas,” said Maria Fe, who started working as a domestic helper in Oman since 2012. The expressive mom also added that she normally spent her birthday, Christmas and New Year alone.

The selfless sacrifices of her mom motivated Minerva to study hard and finish her college, so she could support the needs of her three younger siblings. She opted to see her mother back home rather than requesting any reward for her recent accomplishment.

There were lots of things that she missed since her mother went abroad, but Minerva knows what her mother sacrificed and endured just to give the family a more comfortable life and a better education.

Learning the motherhood responsibilities at an early stage

Minerva had her own share of the motherhood responsibilities by looking after her younger siblings since her mom was away from them. But she never forgot the sacrifices of her mom either.

Minerva does a number of household chores like ironing, general home cleaning and preparing meals. She also attends the schooling needs of her younger sibling including helping out on their assignments and projects.

From her recent post, Minerva also recognized the sacrifices of her father, a maintenance mechanic, for supporting their personal needs. She deeply appreciated his efforts of providing their everyday needs, even though his father could not afford their small luxuries at times.

Minerva wishes to see the day that no Filipino will ever leave the country again and take the harsh consequences of labor migration just to look for a greener pasture. She also added that the family members who are left behind should understand well why their OFW parents are working so hard for them.

Though she was not able to join Minerva’s graduation, Maria Fe expressed how proud she was for her responsible daughter. Minerva wishes to work either in a hotel chain or in an airline company now that she has already completed her college education.

Source: FB

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