Fri. Apr 26th, 2019
Lowlifes Steal Valuables from an OFW’s Baggage

Lowlifes Steal Valuables from an OFW’s Baggage

Stealing valuables from the baggage of an airline passenger is still rampant at the airport. The only thing different is the people who do it.

Remember the laglag bala (drop bullet) or tanim bala (plantbullet) done by security airport officials in cahoots with immigration officials and porters. This group extorts money from unsuspecting travelers by placing bullets in the baggage charge the victims with different violations and hold them in a detention cell until they pay.

Then, it was the janitor’s turn in opening the baggage and stealing valuables.

bukas bagahe gang

Now, it is the personnel from Cebu Pacific Air doing their share of dastardly demeanor by stealing valuables.

This was the experience of OFW AR Baranda Murillo who came home to the Philippines to get married. Her moment of bliss was short lived when pieces of valuables were missing in her baggage.

She used her Facebook account to vent her ire on these heartless malefactors. From her statement, “Friendsand family be very careful when you fly with Cebu Pacific Air or any otherairline. They have a staff that really takes advantage of their jobs.” A farcry from their sworn duty of protecting their passengers and their valuables.

Murillo took photos of her baggage after it was forcibly opened allegedly by Cebu Pacific Air personnel. “I actually thought I had already done enough security measures with my baggage, guess they’re that desperate.,” according to her.

If you’ll notice the baggage was thickly wrapped withplastic lined with masking tape and a padlock to boot to keep it secure. Even if it accidentally falls down everything will be in tack. What do you think?

A lesson learned, you cannot keep a determined robber from stealing, he will open the baggage in front of you and take your valuables if he’s desperate.

To compound matters Murillo wrote, “Worse, upon reporting CebuPac staff suggested I make a complaint thru Facebook instead and did not deal with my issue properly. We ended up being sent home with a Xerox copy of the complaints form. Such a disappointment.”

If you were in her shoes, you will feel frustrated as well. But like in any case, there will be no action unless a complainant files her grievance. Let us hope that Murillo finds time to fill up the complaint form provided Cebu Pacific.

The staff was wrong in asking her to file a complaint thru Facebook because she will achieve nothing except sentiments from users. But one thing’s for sure if netizens band together Cebu Pacific Air will be in deep trouble.

A third party should intervene, give a copy of the complaint to the general manager of the NAIA and the director general of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). For air carriers to operate they should have insurance coverage for their passengers, freight item, and any mail onboard.

I hope that everything goes well for AR Baranda Murillo.

Source: AR BarandaMurillo-Fianza/Facebook

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