Tue. Dec 11th, 2018
Little Sister Searching for Sister Who Left 13 Years Ago

Little Sister Calls Out To Anyone Who Has Seen Her Older Sister Who Left 13 Years Ago And Is Suspected To Be In Another Country

Nothing is more painful than losing a person that is close to your heart, especially if that person is a part of your family. Last Sunday, September 2, 2018, JayJean Del Rosario Rullan posted a video on Facebook asking for netizens help. Jayjean asked the netizens to share her video, hoping that her video will reach her sister.

The Incident

According to the poster, her sister Florenda Rullan also known as Flor, has gone missing since the year 2005. The family has no idea why Florenda left. Since 2005, JayJean also stated that they have no idea about her sister’s whereabouts.

It has been 13 years since Florenda’s disappearance, yet the family is still clueless about why she left. Her family was abandoned without a clue on where will she go.

Family’s Agony

Another Christmas will pass without Florenda spending the holiday with her family. Not knowing where and how to start searching, JayJean begs for her sister to contact her. Social Media has been an immense help to families who are in search of their missing loved ones. Looking for her missing sister might be more effective if only they have a picture to post. Unfortunately, they don’t even have a single photo of the missing.

As JayJean recalls how her sister helped her finish her studies and how her sister prepared her packed lunch, she also stressed how she longs to hug and see her sister again. The poster also mentioned that their mother and Florenda’s children, whom she also left behind, are missing her so badly and are longing to see her again.

The Clue

For the past years, financial constraint and lack of idea where to start, are the main reasons why they were not able to find her missing sister. Now, JayJean is financially ready to search for her sister. It will be a big help now that they have a lead on Florenda’s location. It is stated that Florenda was last seen at Kawayan, Mindanao.

The comments section was filled with messages of encouragement for the family. Now that the video has 8.7k views, the chance to find the missing may increase. Only if Florenda wants to be found.

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