Tue. May 21st, 2019
OFW Life Abroad

Life Abroad as a Domestic Helper

It’s all in our knowledge that being an OFW is not really easy. Especially, if you are working as a domestic helper. This is because domestic helpers are more exposed to abuse than any other Overseas Filipino workers.

But despite this glaring fact about the risk of being a domestic helper many Filipinos still choose to ignore it. Not because they have no choice but because of their selfless love for their family. These Filipinos are willing to take their chances abroad, sacrifice themselves just to give their family a better life. Some of them did find a better life abroad while others find themselves in a more difficult situation.


And nowadays, it becomes normal for everyone to see posts of domestic helpers, crying, asking for help through social media. And we can understand it for we know how difficult it is to be an OFW much more as a domestic helper.

But, you rarely see post of an OFW who talks about her female employer, don’t you? About how lazy the female employer is and how much patience it takes for a domestic helper to not strike her female employer. Well, a particular OFW funnily yet, truthfully talks about it in details.

Skyler Rain, a domestic helper in Kuwait posted on her Facebook timeline about the things they (Kadama) endure in the hands of their female employer. Seems like Skyler got so annoyed with her female employer that she rants about her on social media to calm herself.

Posted by Skyler Rain on Thursday, March 21, 2019

She talks about how lazy her madam is and what’s funny about it is you got to read the (mean) words she wanted to say to her. Want a sample? Read one of her many rants below.

“Kanang naa kas 3rd floor sa balay, tawagon kag pina live, pina Sura-a2x ug yallah2 pana, ikaw sad lupad pud kag pina live, sos animas ang tissue raman diay ipa kuha mga isa ra kadupa gikan sa iyang gilingkuran .. 🤣Kalaming ihampak sa nawong dayun ingnon “Pongkol ka ? Pongkol ka madam ?! 🤣”

Read the rest of her post below and laugh at her honesty.

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