Fri. Apr 26th, 2019
live out scheme for domestic helpers

Lawmaker Calls For ‘Live-out’ Arrangement For Domestic Helpers

As you all know, domestic helpers are more prone to abuse. Nowadays, it is not new to us anymore to hear a news about domestic helpers’ being badly by their employer. In fact, this horrible truth has become a part of most domestic helpers’ daily struggles.

A lawmaker sees this horrible truth

A lawmaker has not turned a blind eye to this horrible situation that most domestic helpers found themselves into. Because they live with their employer, domestic helpers are more prone to abuse. That’s why a lawmaker calls for the Philippine government to make an immediate action to protect domestic helpers.

Pushes ‘live-out’ arrangement

To prevent domestic helpers’ being treated badly by employers, Philippines House of Representatives lawmaker advise the Philippine government to push for ‘live-out’ arrangements.

“To counteract this vulnerability, we have to encourage live-out schemes for our domestic workers once they have completed their job shift,” Francisco Aguilar Jr., spokesperson of the ACTS OFW party-list at the House of Representatives, said.

In addition, Aguilar said that in this kind of arrangement, domestic workers would have more rest and sleep, and they will have more privacy to themselves.

As an example, Aguilar quoted the Filipino housekeepers in Japan. He said Filipino housekeepers in Japan are allowed to leave their employers’ house as long as they have finished their eight-hour shift.

What makes this call?

Emerita Gannaban case was the reason behind the call for the live-out arrangement, Aguilar said. As you all remember, Emerita Gannaban was also a Filipino domestic worker who was one of the many victims of domestic helpers’ abused. Emerita died of poisoning in Saudi Arabia. According to the domestic helper’s family, Emerita had complained about being maltreated by her employer before the incident happened. Emerita’s employer imprisoned her in the bathroom and was not fed.

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