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Kuwaiti Family in Tears as Pinay Domestic Helpers Depart at the Airport

Some Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are blessed to find such foreign employers in the Middle East who consider them as true family members. But the time will come when our proud OFWs have to let go of their supportive employers behind, leaving them only with touching stories and happy memories.

It feels good to watch a captured video of a Kuwaiti family who was caught crying at an airport as their OFW domestic helpers said farewell for good. In fact, the video went viral on social media as online viewers appreciated the kind gestures of the Kuwaiti family to their Pinay employees.

kuwaiti family

There have been a lot of incidents of physical abuse and maltreatment experienced by Filipina domestic helpers from the hands of their employers, particularly in the Middle East. But not all these tragic incidents are reported due to lack of communication access with the poor victim.

kuwaiti employer

Similar to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, several Pinay domestic helpers also experience maltreatment, harassment and sexual abuse in Kuwait. But there are fortunate ones who have met such local employers with a kind heart.

Dave JF, an active Facebook user, has recently shared an inspiring video of a Kuwaiti family crying hard at an airport. The video footage showed the tearful scene of the family members with their former OFW domestic helpers as the Filipinas bid farewell to return home to the Philippines.

pinay workers in kuwait

The viral video came from Pinay OFW Estela Nebril Tillo Samorano and her friend Julie French Melo Paglinawan, who worked with the same employer. It can be viewed on the video that the generous Kuwaiti family was saying farewell to the Pinay domestic helpers before leaving the country for good.

Estela proudly expressed how her Kuwaiti employers treated them like their own family members while she was still working there. Her employers provided her the basic necessities and labor rights they needed to work comfortably.

The positive social media reactions

Social media users applauded the caring Kuwaiti family for the good treatment they had shown to the Filipinas. “KKaproud naman pag gAnyan amo kung ganyan lang amo kHit puputi na buhok di ko sla,” said Helwa Habibi Anaa.

ofw comment

Online users also wish that all foreign employers of domestic helpers would consider their employees as a family member and not as a slave. It feels great to see someone treats you well at your workplace as this would encourage you to work even harder.

Filipino migrant workers who are actively working abroad are estimated at around 2.3 million according to the 2016 OFW survey conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority PSA). In figures, Kuwait was the third leading country of destination among OFWs with 6.7% while Saudi Arabia remained on top with 25.4%. OFWs in Kuwait are estimated between 120,000 to 125,000 in which a majority of them are working as domestic helpers.

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