Tue. May 21st, 2019

Kuwait OFW Taxi Driver Imprisoned For Helping “Abused” Filipino Domestic Worker

An OFW taxi driver in Kuwait was sent to prison for helping out abused Filipino domestic helper.

OFWs don’t only face the difficulty of being away from the family but face danger as well while working abroad. Actions were limited because they have to follow the country’s rules. They not only be wary of their surroundings but to their actions as well. Because sometimes their own actions can lead them to danger. Just like what happened to this OFW.

Imprisoned OFW

Jelmar Fuentes or known as ‘Dave’, an OFW taxi driver in Kuwait was sent to prison for helping his “abused” fellow OFW. Dave was able to take a video of himself before he was taken to prison.

In the video, Dave said that his friend told him that the Kuwait government was looking for him. This is because he had helped a fellow OFW.

Not an ally

According to Dave, he was an on-call taxi driver and this OFW happened to book for his service. He had no idea that it was an OFW who ran away from the employer at first.

However, when he arrived at the place and see the OFWs situation, Dave did not hesitate to help and send the OFW to the embassy. Moreover, Dave said that the OFW is a domestic worker and ran away because she was being abused by her employer.

Asks for help

Dave was in prison at Kuwait whe we asked for help. In his words, he knew about the agreement between the Philippine and Kuwaiti government. He just wanted to help. As much as he wanted to explain what really happened he can’t because there was no investigation, he was sent to prison immediately.

What do you think? Is it Dave’s fault for wanting to help fellow OFW? What can you say about this kind of rule where helping fellow OFW is considered a betrayal against the country? Let us know in the comment box below.


Update on DAVEs Case

DAVE is now in the Philippines after he got deported. He also posted a new video about he said as the “real story” on what happened before we got imprisoned, what happened when he got jailed and why he thinks he got deported. Watch hid video here:


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