Mon. Oct 14th, 2019
Kuwait OFW Bedridden

Kuwait OFW Bedridden In Hospital For Two Years

A post from a Facebook user, Angel D. Pahuwayan, where an OFW admitted in Kuwait hospital for two years went viral. The post has since gotten 1.2k comments and 8.5k shares.

Unable to come home

According to Pahuwayan, Jovelyn Mangosya, the bedridden OFW has been int Al Adan hospital in Kuwait for two years and can not come home due to her current condition.

bedridden OFW

Sia po ay si Jovelyn Mangosya, 2 years Na po sia s hospital d makalabas labas dahil s kanyang kalagayan, Al Adan po ang name ng hospital

In addition, Pahuwayan said that the OFW is unable to speak. Moreover, she said that the OFW has a whole on her head, and her food is through her neck. The OFW is also unable to move her entire body and can only move her eyes.

bedridden OFW

In the end, Pahuwayan calls for everyone who knows the OFW to inform the latter’s family of her current condition.

Sia po ay isang OFW, sia po ay nasa isang hospital po ng Kuwait ngayun, hndi po sia magkapagsalita at may butas po ang kanyan ulo, sa liig po dindaan ang kanyang mga kinakain, ang tanging mata nia lng po ang nakakagalaw, sa nakkakilala po s kanya maaari po paabot ng mensahe sa kanya mga pamilya
Salamat po


Kalerka Cruz‎, another Facebook user, posted a video of Jovelyn in Pinoys & Pinay in Kuwait. In her post, she said that Jovelyn’s case had been reported to OWWA and POLO.

In addition, Cruz said that the OFW was not maltreated instead, suffered from brain stroke, the reason for her condition. She also said that the employer has been taking care of the OFW though they did not report the OFW’s condition to the embassy. Furthermore, Cruz said that the OFW is already okay but still needs close monitoring.

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