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Kulong sa mga Nagkakalat ng Bawal na Pictures sa Social Media

Any OFW is familiar with homesickness. Being away from the family can get lonely; this is magnified if the nature of the job does not allow the person to go out much and mingle with other people. It is a good thing that we have the Internet to entertain us. Nevertheless, the Internet is not always a source of all things pure and nice.

Very recently, Pastor Hokage Bible Study gained notoriety due to its activities of sharing nud3 and illicit photos and videos online. This echoes past incidents of OFWs engaged in sharing vulgar pictures and videos.

When Boredom Strikes

Going online can lessen the boredom one feels when working abroad. Being naturally sociable, OFWs turn to Facebook as a means of keeping in touch with friends and family. However, FB pages also made it possible to engage in activities that are bordering on pornography like sharing adult pictures and suggestive memes. Circulating on blogs for OFWs are several warnings about not sharing nud3 pictures online as this can land them in jail especially in countries that have very strict laws about nudity and pornography.

This social media platform is also responsible for crimes committed against OFWs. One such incident is the news that circulated in the mainstream media about an OFW caregiver who met her boyfriend through Facebook and sent indecent pictures of herself to him. The relationship did not last and she broke up with him. The boyfriend then uploaded her pictures but claimed that it was his new girlfriend who did the act.

Recently, published a report about Saudi authorities who are planning to imprison an OFW due to the tasteless pictures that she sent online. This is in violation of the Sharia Law of the Kingdom. However, one of the people involved claims that it is just a case study for a thesis. As of this writing, the Saudi authorities have been looking for the OFW in question.

The Philippine government has been reminding OFWs to refrain from posting “filthy” pictures online particularly in Saudi Arabia because of their strict laws and customs.

Why it is Not a Good Idea to Share Your “Private” Pictures


The Internet is teeming with people who prey on unsuspecting victims. Sending your nud3 photo gives them a chance to hold you hostage by threatening to share your photos online for the entire world to see.

Websites with Illicit Content

Technology has a way of sharing your nud3 pictures online without your knowledge. As people become more adept at using the Internet as a source for everything they want to know, sexy pictures are fair game and can be extracted.


Erasing those risque photos do not exempt them from being screened shot and saved for a rainy day.

Lost / Stolen Smartphone

Lost phones are good sources of scandalous pictures and videos. Not all people are tech-savvy and think that erasing those kinky videos are enough. Actually, they are never enough. There are numerous ways of extracting those videos or photos from smartphones.

Social Media and other Online Use

Nude selfies are different from ordinary ones. A sexy photo shared on a page or group is in danger of being downloaded and used for not-so-pleasant activities.

In perpetuity

Once uploaded, the photos are there to stay. Forever.

Jail time

Laws are not meant to be broken. Sharing obscene pictures can violate laws in different countries. This results in lawsuits and jail time.

So before clicking on that daring picture, think 100 times about the consequences it may bring.

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