Tue. May 21st, 2019
Cum Laude kasambahay

Employer Sent Her Kasambahay To School, Graduates Cum Laude

A house helper graduates cum laude. A proof that difficulties of life are nothing compared to your determination in achieving your dreams.

Like many people, Alfonsa Telasa has many dreams not for herself but for her family as well. But because they lack financially and parents could not afford to send her to college, she chose to set aside her dreams and applied as a house helper.

Indeed, life has been difficult for her. Serving different employers since the age of 14. But all of that change when she met her current employer Marivic Flores.

One of a kind employer

Nowadays, it is very seldom to find employers who have empathy for their workers but not “Manang Vic”.

Empathizing and believing to Alfonsa, Marivic convinces her to finish her studies and achieve her dreams. She pursuade Alfonsa to be a working student.

Marivic admitted that she does this not only for the good of Alfonsa but for herself as well. The kind employer has this belief that sending her house helper to school brings good luck to their business. So it’s a win-win situation for her plus, she really wanted to help Alfonsa.

Hard work pays off

Alfonsa worked hard to achieve her dreams. Applied and received a scholarship for her studies. She finished her chores in the morning and at night, she goes to school.

And finally, all her efforts and hard works are paid off when she finally graduated with a degree in B.S. Computer Science from ACSI College Iloilo Inc. And what more, she graduated with flying colors – Cum Laude and Best in Thesis. A true inspiration to everyone indeed.

Proud employer

Marivic couldn’t contain her happiness for Alfonsa that she proudly congratulates her on Facebook with a cation,

“Congratulations Nene. All your hardwork has paid off. So proud of your achievements. Go out and rock the world.”

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