Fri. Nov 15th, 2019
Employer Gives Hadiya

Kind Employer Gives Hadiya To Household Helpers

It is very rare today to see kind employers. You know, the ones where they treat their household help as members of the family. Most commonly, the kind of employers we heard from social media are those who treat their household helpers cruelly. Employers who, if not deprive their helpers for food and decent bedroom, beat them to death.

But not all employers’ are like that. Just like this Baba in Saudi Arabia.

A video of Baba who’s giving a gift to their house helpers is now circulating on Facebook. In the video, the kind employer has four bags of gift in front of him, intended for their four household helpers. He then calls out each of their helpers’ name to receive the gift. The household helpers are so happy that they kissed the forehead of their employer to show their gratitude for him and respect as well.

Many netizens feel happy watching the video.

One commented that there are really kind employers out there like her employer though they are very rare.

Di na mn lahat masama c papa ganyan din pag mag vacation lahat pantay pantay kasama aq sa bilang ng anak niya miron din aq di lahat ng arabo masama tulad din natin sa pinas my salbahi my mabait yung pagibang bansa swerte2x lang kaya god bless all at laging mag dasal

Some added that working abroad is indeed a gamble and you’re lucky if you ‘ll find a good employer.

Salamat sa mga amo n ganyan pasuertihan LNG talaga sa awa ng dios ganyan din kmi

One also commented that she experienced the same with her employer.

Ako din d2 grabi paunang hadiya 4sets of perfume and cash gift

Watch more of the video below where the workers are happily opening their gifts! God bless this employer and his family. We hope that other employers get inspired by his kind gesture and do the same.

2 thoughts on “Kind Employer Gives Hadiya To Household Helpers

  1. Swertihan lang talaga yan may mabait may masama basta always pray to god lang godbless din sa mga ganian na amo pagpatuloy lang po naappreciate nila mga kasambahay nila sana all

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