Mon. Mar 8th, 2021
Katas ng pagiging OFW sa Japan

Katas ng pagiging OFW sa Japan

Owning a house is the dream of many Filipinos, particularly overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who devote their time and resources, suffer struggles, and stay away from family and friends back home. However, there is no dream that is too big or too difficult to achieve, especially for those who are determined to build a great future for themselves and their loved ones.

This is the case with today’s featured OFW, who has been through several struggles in his life. With hard work, confidence, and persistence, he has been able to accomplish what many people his age would only dream of… a comfortable, luxurious home that he can now call his own.

Laurence Calledo was just two years old when his parents were separated. At a young age, he had to move from place to place to another, without a permanent residence. To cope and survive, he had to learn how to be independent.

Eventually, Laurence was taken in by some relatives in Leyte who supported his schooling till he finished college. It was around this period that he started to dream of having his own house—a dream that he had longed to achieve until the age of 30. He decided that he had to work overseas for several years to make his dream come true.

Quick forward to the year 2019. Via his YouTube channel, Laurence talks about how he was able to afford to buy a 2-story townhouse with a Cebu-based real estate agent suggested to him by a friend. The property is very large, covering 555 square meters, with a contract sum of Php 2,375,000.

According to Laurence, he wanted to invest in pre-sold property—to be charged monthly for 36 months—because he didn’t know anything about real estate nor building a house from scratch. As of this date, his house has been furnished and ready for occupancy.

“If you have a dream, take small actions to get it started,” Laurence shares with his fellow OFWs. Let this encouraging quote remind us all that, to accomplish great dreams, we must be able to take small steps to stay dedicated, and to keep our eyes on the target. If we’re planning to create a dream home, start a company, or take up a cause, we should be able to work hard, face all challenges, and move on before we come to our dream!

Watch his video below:

Source: Pinoy OFW

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