Tue. May 21st, 2019

Iraq Philippine Embassy Sends Home A Victim Of Human Trafficking

The Philippine Embassy in Iraq was able to send home a victim of human trafficking.

On their Facebook page post, Joyce was left behind when they send back home 22 human trafficking victim in December.

Victim Of Human Trafficking

According to them, Joyce was promised a job in Dubai that turns out to be all lies. Her nightmare begins in July 2018 when she arrives in Iraq instead of arriving in UAE. Joyce used a Kurdistan visa upon arriving in Iraq. Because her visa is not valid for travel around Iraq, Joyce was transported by car for three days going to Basra from Erbil. During that time, she was transferred at least five times from one car to another to avoid inspections at different checkpoints.

Victim Of Human Trafficking

The embassy added that Joyce got lucky as 21 other Filipinos traveled the same route as her. Some were captured, two were rumored kidnapped, and the rest were molested. Their journey took place from July to December last year.

In addition, they said that upon escaping the maltreatment of her employer, Joyce traveled to Baghdad from Basra despite the chaos that erupted to the country in the month of October. Joyce stayed in the Embassy for a few months together with the other Filipinos.

Victim Of Human Trafficking

And by December, the Philippine Embassy in Iraq was sending home 22 victims of human trafficking, but sadly, Joyce was not able to join them. She was detained at the airport as her employer filed a case against her.

Thankfully, with the help of our other Kababayans and other individuals,
the Philippine Embassy was able to sort out the issue and managed to send Joyce back home.

Victim Of Human Trafficking

A reminder for everyone

To those who wanted to go abroad, please, do check the agency first if it’s listed in the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA): https://dfa.gov.ph/. Do not be a victim of human trafficking.

Victim Of Human Trafficking

#DFAAdvisory: The DFA reminds all Filipinos to be cautious of persons or recruitment agencies that carry out their operations using social media such as Facebook, Viber or WhatsApp, offering jobs in Dubai or in any other place. This is in light of human trafficking cases being monitored by the Department, particularly by the Philippine Embassy in Iraq.

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