Sat. May 30th, 2020

Importance of Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Membership

In a recent interview of Ka Bong, a well-known advocate for distress OFWs, with a concerned OFW, he restated how important it is to be a member of Overseas Workers Welfare Administration OWWA.

In the interview, the concerned OFW relates to Ka Bong about what happened to her friend who’s an OFW too. According to the concerned OFW, Jennie, her friend, Marie, got sick while working in Riyadh as a domestic helper and eventually caused her death.

Jennie said that Marie is on her second contract in Riyadh when she got sick. Her employer had sent her to the hospital but it turns out that Marie is not getting better and the employer had spent too much money on her medication that they decided to send Marie home.

Marie had spent a month in the Philippines before her sickness took her life. Jennie stated that Marie had left nothing for her children and is hoping that she can get help for Marie’s children. Marie is a single mom and her eldest is still 20 years old and the siblings are still in elementary.

Jennie along with Marie’s children is hoping that they can get assistance from OWWA. Jennie had already made contact with OWWA but has not yet received a reply given that the government is busy now in a fight against the COVID19 pandemic.

OWWA membership

Ka Bong assures Jennie that if they can prove that Marie is a member of OWWA, she doesn’t have to worry as it’s a hundred percent sure that they will get the help they need.

Ka Bong reemphasized that each OFW needs to be a member of OWWA as a preparation that if anything will happen to them, their loved ones who are left behind are sure to receive help from the government.

He said that if your a first-timer OFW, OWWA membership is automatic. However, if you’re a second-timer, the membership and renewal will now be your responsibility alone and that you have to pay for it.

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