Mon. Feb 17th, 2020
OFW Salman victim of human trafficking

Human Trafficking Victim Was Made To Sleep In The Rooftop By Employer

Filipino culture is way different than those in other countries. The Filipinos are known for being family-oriented in the sense that many are willing to do everything, even sacrifice their lives for the sake of helping their family or giving them a comfortable life.

However, it is sad to know that other Filipinos see this as a chance to fool fellow Filipinos.

OFW Salma

Human Trafficking Victim

Lately, we covered news of underage Filipinas who illegally worked abroad. Now, another young Filipina is a victim of human trafficking.

Human trafficking has shocked the Filipino citizens again. This time, a 17-year-old Filipina Salma, works illegally as a domestic worker in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Salma is from Cotabato and her illegal recruiters are known as a couple who also resides in Cotabato.

OFW Salma sleeping at the rooftop

Abused by the employer

What more worrying with Salma’s situation is aside from being a victim of human trafficking, she also is being abused by her employer. All her things inside her luggage were burned by her employer and Salma was being made to sleep outside their house, in the rooftop. A sleeping situation that is dangerous to Salma’s health.

OFW Salma sleeping at the rooftop

Other than that, she was also physically abused and not given salaries. Because her documents are all faked her employer often threatens her that even if they bury her in the desert no one will know as she is an illegal recruit.

OFW Salma at the rooftop

Sa ngayon dahil wlang Laban eh pati tulongan ne Salma ay sa rooftop at lahat Ng gamit nya nasa traveler bag sinunog Ng amo..Kaya inaabot ne Salma Ang lahat wlang sahod,wlang magandang tulongan,sinasaktan at tinatakot na kahit ibaon sya sa deserto ay wlang malalaman Ang ating gobernyo dahil peke lahat Ng documento..

Salma’s employer is Faisal Essa Saad Gomiah residing in 22 Ahmed Bn Habl Street. There’s still no update in regards to Salma’s situation. We’ll keep you posted.

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