Fri. Apr 26th, 2019
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How To Handle Racism

What is racism? Racism is a kind of discrimination or antagonism towards someone based on a person’s race or skin color.

Homesickness, adapting to the new culture aren’t the only thing that OFWs have to deal with when working abroad. Racism is also one of their many concerns.

Racism comes in many forms, and whether we admit it or not, it is still existing even in this generation. In this post, we will talk about how to handle racism.


If you don’t respect yourself, then why should others respect you? Carrying yourself as a respectable person is one of the key points to avoid racism. If they see that you value your worth, racist will think twice in discriminating you.

Filipino OFW self respect

Be confident and know your rights

Ignorance of the law excuses no one. Know your rights as a foreign national and a legal employee, this knowledge will back you up wherever you go.

Also, be confident and erase the mindset that other nationalities are far better than you.

Keeping employees passport is illegal

Keeping Employees Passport Illegal

Inhale, Exhale

Having someone insult you is a lot to take in. However, try to breathe deeply before reacting to it. Retaliating to harsh response might make you feel good but could also lead to more misunderstandings.

Respond calmly and try to educate the other person about racism. Who knows, you might become friends after that?

filipino ofw relax against racism

Find yourself a support group

If things still the same even you try your best to handle it, find yourself a support group where you can express yourself. Find a group of people who experienced or have the same situation as you. They will totally understand where you’re coming from.

filipino ofw support group

Report to Authorities

If the 4 mentioned above still don’t change anything. Report this wrongdoing to your superior or authorities to avoid it from escalating. This is your right as a human being and a legal employee.

Although we have little to no control over other’s worldview, we can always do something (in a positive way) to change their opinions of us, even if little by little. Hopefully, the above guide can help you overcome racial discrimination in your host country or place of work.

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