Tue. May 11th, 2021

Guide on How to Get OEC Online

The most common question that we are still being asked is on how to get OEC online, in Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai or in the Philippines.

OFWs are still having difficulties with the new OEC application and payment procedures until today, so we are going to walk you through the process and hopefully by the end of this you will be able to get an OEC without any problem.

ALL OFWs who’s returning home MUST secure an OEC either from the Philippine embassy of the country where they are working or from the Philippines.

Do you need to go to the Philippine Embassy or POEA to get an OEC? The answer is YES!

The BMOnline website is just to expedite the process of filling up the forms because you still have to print the form and you should bring it to them and so you could claim your OEC.

Below are the step-by-step guide on how to obtain an OEC or the ‘balik manggagawa‘:

1. Head directly to the Balik Manggagawa website by clicking this link http://www.bmonline.ph/

Skip this part if you already have already registered on their website and follow the instructions here

2. Fill up the blank fields and click save

3. A confirmation dialog box will appear, click “Aquire OEC” button

4. You will be presented payment options such as Banks (over the counter), Online banking, Mobile payment (g-cash, etc.) and non-banks (POEA offices).

You will have to pay a total amount of PHP 120,43 (PHP 100 for the processing fee and PHP 19.50 for e-payment service fee) and follow the instructions on the payment gateway to you prefer.

NOTE: Take note of the REFERENCE number if you opt to pay online.

5. Head back to your BM online account after accomplishing step 4 and click the “Transaction” tab and click the “Print OEC” button.

OEC online processing

6. That’s it! Visit you nearest Philippine Embassy along with your print out and your payment reference number.

10 thoughts on “Guide on How to Get OEC Online

  1. I try to apply kasi may bagu na akong eoc na balik manggahawa di ako mka pasok parating sinasabi . Name entries failed..

  2. Bakit po ngtry po ako bakit asking for payment for owwa? Eh mayron nman po akong new oec na po bfore i flyt to hk?

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