Fri. Jan 24th, 2020
OWWA rebate program for OFW

How to Avail OWWA Rebate

First of all, what is OWWA Rebate Program? OWWA Rebate or also known as OWWA Act is a program for OFWs who is a member of OWWA for 10 years or more that has not received any benefits from the agency.

Who Can Avail the OWWA Rebate?

Rebates are for OFWs that:

  • OWWA member for 10 years or more
  • Has paid for 5 or more OWWA membership contribution
  • Has not yet benefited from any OWWA Program

How Much is the OWWA Rebate?

A qualified OFW can get from 941.25 to 13,177.50 Pesos, depending on the number of contributions. Below is the table of computation:

NOTE: OWWA Rebate is NOT a refund or cashback

Source: OWWA

How to Apply for OWWA rebate

Visit OWWA website and fill-up the OWWA rebate verification form.

owwa rebate verification form

I tried to use the website but I got a pop-up message which says that I need to contact the number 1348 or their email I tried to send a message through their email. Unfortunately, I got a mailer deamon. I hope they could fix this immediately.

OWWA rebate popup

10 thoughts on “How to Avail OWWA Rebate

  1. I am an OFW Seaman since 1982..How and when will the cash refund or rebate implemented..It seems to me it only hearsay..

  2. I am a retired OFW of Saudi Hospital Hospital Jeddah KSA from July 30, 1988 to July 30, 2015…For this span of years in working abroad i never get any OWWA, How can i avail my Rebates in OWWA..thank you for your kind assistance..

  3. I already filled the verification form data but i didn ‘t recieve any answer yet. It always leads to contact the hotline and the email add for inquiry.. do we need to to go to the nearest owwa office?

  4. My husband LAURO C. SUICO, JR. is a seaman since 1979 and I am an officer of the Seaman’s Wife Association (SWAPI) way back 80’s under the NMP Tacloban Chapter. Just want to inquire if he can vail of the OWWA Rebates and what shall we do if it is positive.

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