Mon. Oct 14th, 2019
Baby Jane Allas at a hospital in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Employer Fires Filipino Domestic Worker Diagnosed with Cancer

A Filipino domestic worker in Hong Kong is facing the most difficult times of her life due to recent cervical cancer diagnosis. But Baby Jane Allas, 38, even got more bad news, less than a month after she was told of her medical condition.

Filipino Domestic Worker Diagnosed with Cancer

On February 17, Allas received a dismissal letter from her employers, citing her recent illness as the main reason for her termination despite being on paid leave prescribed by a government doctor. From the employer, “Given your medical conditions, I am no longer able to continue your employment effective from 19 February 2019,” before being concluded with, “Wish you good health.”

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Referral Letters

Allas’s employers allegedly confiscated her referral letters from Tuen Mun Hospital, her medical receipts, and her working contract when she refused to sign the dismissal letter. The confiscation resulted in a week-long delay of her MRI session prior to her radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

Foreign domestic worker Baby Jane Allas, who has cervical cancer

Every postponement could cause her cancer condition to get worse according to a post from her GoGetFunding account, a donation-for-a-cause online platform. Even the doctors had pointed out that Baby Jane needed to undergo the treatments as early as possible to have the best chances of survival.

Free Medical Care

Allas felt extremely down, knowing she lost her job and even her free medical care to government hospitals. Her main concern focuses on where to get her medical care needs, particularly impending expenses for treatments and medications. Unfortunately, terminated domestic workers have to leave Hong Kong within two weeks on top of losing their free medical access given to all residents nationwide.

Baby Jane Allas

According to a report of South China Morning Post, the cancer fighter, a mother of five children, has taken legal actions with the Labor Department against her employers for illegally terminating her while still on sick leave.

Allas also reported that her employers violated a number of terms in her working contract, including failure to provide the basic necessities and a weekly full-day off entitlement. In addition, she has filed a formal complaint to the Equal Opportunities Commission, citing the provisions under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance that it is unlawful to discriminate any person with a disability.

GoGetFunding for Baby Jane

Jessica Curter Papadopoulos, a long-time HK resident, and employer of Allas’ sister initiated a fund-raising drive using the donation site GoGetFunding for Baby Jane. Papadopoulos noted that Allas’s employers even refused to let the sickly Filipina a time off to visit a doctor. She even claimed that Allas’s food was reduced down to a slice of bread, and she was forced to sleep in the storage room under the stairs.

According to Papadopoulos, Baby Jane did not intend filing any legal action against her employers she only wanted her contract so that she can move to another employer with a better treatment. However, she is not allowed to accept any contract because of her illness.

Baby Jane is now under the custody of Papadopoulos. So far, the funding has raised more than HKD 243,000 and Papadopoulos wishes to raise at least HKD 650,000 to support Allas’ treatments and financial needs for her family.

Source: AsiaOne

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