Thu. Oct 18th, 2018

Heroic OFW Who Donated Organs Earned The Chinese Community’s Respect and Honor

Sorrow turns to hope. Life springs from d****, and a terrible loss becomes a gift. This adage springs true for the heroic overseas Filipino worker who donated his organs to benefit six Chinese patients waiting for organ donors.

A Terrible Loss

Abear Wilbert, a Cebuano OFW working as an Electronic Engineer and living in Wuxi city in the province of Jiangsu, China, met his untimely d**** last July 17, 2018, when he suffered from Cerebral Hemorrhage. Despite diligent efforts to revive him, doctors from the Taizhou City People’s Hospital declared him “brain-dead” on that fateful day in front of mourning family members.

Sorrow Turns To Hope

Despite the grief, his wife and his mother rightfully decided to follow his willingness to donate his body organs if something unexpected happened to him. Six Chinese patients are bound to benefit from the organ donation. His mother was quoted that while she’s feeling great sorrow for the loss of her son, she is very proud of her son’s compassion and generosity, and the fact that his loss would be able to make others live.

Well Deserved Tribute

Unbeknownst to the Wilbert family, he became the first foreign organ donor in Taizhou City in Jiangsu province of China to donate organs that would benefit 6 Chinese patients. His selfless act of kindness was so admirable that doctors and nurses from the Taizhou City People’s Hospital all bowed their heads in deep respect for his heroic deed.

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People’s Daily, China’s biggest newspaper, wasted no time in paying tribute to the fallen hero, whose d**** left a legacy of life to other people.

An Outpour of Praise and Admiration

His unselfish act didn’t go unnoticed. Netizens from all over swarmed the social media and commended his selfless deed. Here are some of the reactions posted on Facebook:

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