Fri. Jan 24th, 2020
Kaagapay Bong

Here’s Kaagapay Bong Advise To OFWs Who Receives Below Minimum Salary

Here’s what you can do when your employer pays you below minimum wage, according to Ka Bong.

Bong Concha, known as Ka Bong, an advocate for distress OFWs, has advice on what you should do when your employer doesn’t follow the agreed salary based on your contract. But first, what is an advocate?

An advocate is a person who supports others to make their voices heard, or ideally for them to speak up for themselves (wiktionary). In short, they are your messenger. They are the ones who discussed your problems to authorities to give you the necessary help.

Standard Salary Rate

To those who did not know yet or not sure about it, the standard salary for Filipino domestic workers, family driver, cook, babysitter, etc. is 1,500SR in Saudi. Or if you’re in another country your salary should be equivalent to 400 US Dollar.

So what you should do receive below this amount?

Report it to your respective agency IMMEDIATELY. Ka Bong encourages everyone to report it to your recruitment agency in the Philippines as soon as it happens and not wait for much longer.

‘Wag nyo na pong patagalin pa dahil napakahirap pong maghabol,” Ka Bong said.

However, you’re in abroad so, how will you contact your agency in the Philippines? Asked your family to report your situation to your recruitment agency on your behalf. It’s the recruitment agencies’ responsibility to help you.

They did nothing

Now, if you’re agency won’t take any action to help you, report them to POEA or OWWA. They will be the one to pursue your agency to act and give the required help.

Also, report employers who don’t provide you food and hygienic products (bath soap, etc). It’s in the contract that they will provide all your basic needs.

In the end, Ka Bong motivates everyone to empower yourselves and know your rights as an overseas Filipino worker.

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