Mon. Oct 14th, 2019

Heart Wrenching Video Of A Husband Who Found His Unstable OFW Wife Roaming Outside NAIA Aiport

You can’t really imagine or even measure the things overseas Filipino workers, especially domestic workers, endure for the sake of giving a good life to their family.

A heart-wrenching video of a husband who found his OFW wife who lost her mind had gone viral and touched the hearts of many Facebook netizens.

Unstable OFW Wife

In the video uploaded by a Facebook user, Xei Costes in DDS_TAGAPAGTANGGOL NG PANGULO Facebook group, a husband together with his companion fetch his OFW wife. It is said that the OFW lost her mind and found wandering outside the NAIA airport. Good thing, the OFW can still answer some question reasonably so, the concerned netizen, Marilou was able to ask her name. Marilou then asked her daughter to search the OFW’s name on Facebook, and that’s where they got contact with the husband.

Unstable OFW Wife

Watch the video here: Facebook

Raffy Tulfo in Action

Meanwhile, the OFW’s situation was aired in Raffy Tulfo in action TV program. In here, the husband detailed that the agency only informed him that his wife is already at their partner agency in Saudi. But, they did not notify him when she arrived in Manila. He added that he only knew about his wife’s current situation when a concerned netizen contacted him.

Raffy tried to get details from the agency, but staffs keep pushing one another to whom he should talk to. For now, Raffy together with his staff, and other government agencies are working together to find the real reason why the OFW lost her mind as it is clear that she suffered from shock and trauma. We’ll keep you updated.

Watch video here:

An Ideal Husband

With so much news of a husband having a ‘kabit’ nowadays, one man stood up and showed us all, what a real husband is, and his name is Roldan Alpon. His love for his wife is praiseworthy. With the love and care from his husband and family, we are convinced that the OFW can live a happy life again.

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