• toilet bowl cleaner accident
    Be extra cautious using this toilet bowl cleaner
    Posted in: Health

    A Filipina domestic helper reminded fellow OFWs to be extra cautious using a bowl cleaner. She posted an image of the bowl cleaner product and on what appears to be the hand of someone who has used the product without any protective gloves which she said, resulted to this image. What the usual toilet bowl […]

  • hiv infection test
    19 Filipino workers in Hong Kong tested positive for HIV
    Posted in: Health, News

    19 Filipino workers in Hong Kong tested positive for HIV since 2013, according to the Hong Kong Department of Health. Senior Programme Manager at the Hong Kong Aids Foundation, Johnny Li Choi Hing, said that the number of Filipino who had been tested positive with the said virus is “going down or become stable”. There […]

  • Focal Seizure
    Another case of seizure due to over using of gadget?
    Posted in: Health

    We posted earlier about focal seizuresafter a post went viral of what is blamed to over using of gadget and yesterday there’s another post that has already been shared for more than 200,000 times on Facebook of what they believed is another victim of focal seizure. According to the post, it should serve as a […]

  • fast food
    Whats New with Fast Food Chains: Hottest Trends on the Plate
    Posted in: Health

    Its not only fashion that relies on trends. The food and beverage industry is also upgrading its services. The traditional menus of restaurants are now evolving to add unique dishes or improve the quality of food to answer the growing need for healthy food options and service. Fast food restaurants are no different. Their food […]

  • Focal Seizures
    The Truth About Focal Seizures
    Posted in: Health

    This is a cause for alarm. Recently, a Facebook user posted about the diagnosis of Focal Seizure to her daughter with too much gadget use as the main reason for the diagnosis. Lets breakdown Focal Seizures and find out if it is caused by excessive use of gadgets. Seizures are actually caused by too much […]

  • fast food restaurants
    Fast Food or Full-Service Restaurants: What OFWs Should Remember
    Posted in: Health

    Food prepared at home is becoming a luxury and not a necessity. People who are always on-the-go like OFWs rely on fast food restaurants for a quick meal or full-service restaurants for special occasions. Ordering food via drive-thru certainly, saves time for busy customers. However, which one serves the healthier option? Fast food restaurants may […]

  • acne removal tips
    Numerous tips on how to get rid of acne
    Posted in: Health

    Are you bothered by acneand breakouts? Have you tried countless of ways of removing acnes but failed at every single one of them? Studies have shown that having pimples causes depression. The sight of pimples and scars affect the self-confidence of a person. Being a busy OFW is not an excuse to forget taking care […]

  • fast food danger
    How fast food quickly affects our health and our lives
    Posted in: Health

    Eating fast food is a quick way to lessen hunger. Grabbing a sandwich or two can make us feel full for at least an hour. Buying at a nearby fast food restaurant is a convenient way of appeasing our hunger. Gone are the days when you have to spend several hours to prepare a meal(1). […]

  • Power Bank
    OFWs Beware: Power Bank Overheats and Causes Death
    Posted in: Health

    Are you in the habit of charging your gadgets while sleeping? If yes, this is a habit that might harm you. A power bank is heaven-sent. Today, everyone is on the move. Keeping communication lines open is a must. One latest gadget to catch the fancy of everyone is the power bank. With its ability […]