• OFW calculates money left after sending most to her family
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    Most of you might think that getting money through working abroad might be as easy as a piece of a pie. Well, I suggest you think again. You might want some things to reconsider. A video has emerged about a month ago on Facebook, showing a Filipina worker facing the calculator app on her smartphone. […]

  • of bank
    OF Bank a bank for Filipino workers abroad
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    The OF Bank which is a savings bank of Landbank will offer the following: Deposit Products Peso ATM Savings time deposit checking accounts Future Need Savings Plan Loan products Investment Product Unit Investment Trust Funds Payment services for SSS OWWA PhilHealth dues insurance premium credit cards telephone & water bills housing and business loans tuition […]

  • ofw job consideration
    Top considerations of OFWs when choosing an overseas job
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    Deciding to work abroad is full of sacrifices not only for an aspiring OFW but also for his or her family members to be left behind. All personal connections will certainly be affected due to physical absence particularly for OFWs who still have younger kids. Definitely, OFWs will miss a lot of special events of […]

  • dating app
    The wonders of dating app for Filipinos
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    Meeting people in the internet world has tremendously evolved with the advent of dating app today. Because of these modern-day social networking sites, many OFWs have changed the way they choose their lifetime aspiration. A fun way to interact Just like Facebook and Instagram, dating app becomes a normal way to meet people without the […]

  • PDOS
    The importance of PDOS for outgoing OFWs
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    When all working documents are already completed, it is time to attend a Pre-Deployment Orientation Seminar (PDOS) before an OFW leaves the country. PDOS is a compulsory seminar designed for newly-deployed OFWs after securing a working visa from their recruitment agencies. First-time OFWs definitely feel excited and nervous while the date of their departure gets […]

  • child discipline
    Principles of child discipline when parents are away to work abroad
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    Overseas Filipino Workers should understand the nature of proper child discipline even if they are miles away from their children in Philippines. Would not it be nice for the OFW children to develop a clear conscience guided by a strong compassion for others and their own self-discipline? The Application of a positive form of discipline […]

  • ofw id sample
    How to apply for iDOLE OFW ID?
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    OFW or iDOLE id is finally available. Be sure to register at iDOLE website to take advantage of a hassle-free transaction and future benefits of having an iDOLE id. Here is how to register and get your OFW iDOLE id card. 1. Visit website and click “Create an account” button if you have not […]

  • Undocumented migrant workers
    Consequences of Undocumented migrant workers
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    Aspiring a good and decent life for the family remains to be the primary goal of every overseas Filipino worker by undergoing permanent migration outside of Philippines. Thousands of OFWs go through the long process of many immigration policies just to gain the opportunity to stay on an international soil. Labor migration is considered one […]

  • Online passport application
    Online passport application for renewal
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    The creation of online passport application is considered as a milestone for the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). Filipinos residing in the Philippines and working abroad can now apply for a passport renewal anytime and anywhere in the world. This service was opened last September and Filipinos are now enjoying this privilege. However, there are […]