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Guide on How to Expedite OEC Issuance

Great news for all active Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

The Balik-Manggagawa Online Processing system (BM Online) is now in full swing to help OFWs secure an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)via online.

The OEC or exit clearance is a vital document that certifies the regularity of recruitment of an OFW who possesses a valid working contract, verified by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO). This government-issued document is presented to the immigration officer before any returning OFW is allowed to board an international flight.

But take note that not everyone is eligible to use the OEC online facility. You will not be able to register a BM Online account due to the following:

  • No existing POEA and OWWA records
  • Undocumented status (OFWs who are working without any contract)
  • Non-active seafarer
  • Returning to a government-banned country
  • Changes in current job site or employer

OFWs are mandated to register using the BM Online system each time they visit the Philippines to be with their families. Non-registration will result to longer waiting time for OFWs since immigration officials will request them to have their records encoded at the nearest Labor Assistance Counter before they can secure the OEC.

Only registered users of BM Online who have been previously provided with OEC through their BM Online account are allowed to get an OEC exemption. A new OEC exemption can only be issued when the last issued OEC exemption has expired. OFWs with valid POEA records, who are returning to the same employer, are also eligible for OEC exemption but they still need to register.

Learning the step-by-step process

Here is the step-by-step guide in using the BM Online Processing System:

1. Register an account with your active email address and wait for the confirmation link upon clicking the “Sign Me Up” button.

2. Log in with your email and password and then enter the last OEC number issued to you. Set an online appointment if there are no records found.

3. If you are returning to the same company, you will see a confirmation message, confirming that you are eligible for an OEC Exemption. Otherwise, you will be re-directed to the appointment page. Click your preferred regional POEA center to get a new appointment for the OEC processing and payment.

4. If your record appears, a confirmation pop-up window will show up. Remember to confirm your current work location or employer by clicking “Yes.” Click “no” if you will move to another employer and set a new appointment.

5. Fill up the necessary details like personal information, beneficiary list and contract details for proper documentation. When you are done, click “save Changes.”

6. Your “My Profile” page will appear and you can upload your latest picture by clicking the “Change Photo” button then click “Next.”

7. Key in your confirmed flight schedules, which should fall within the 60-day OEC validity period before clicking the submit button.

8. Click “Yes” when you see the confirmation pop-up window. Click “Acquire OEC” to proceed with the online assessment.

9. The payment page comes next which offers you four different payment methods namely Banks (Over the counter), online banking, mobile banking and non-bank. Securing an official OEC will cost Php 119.50 including e-payment service fee.

10. Click “Yes” upon seeing the payment confirmation pop-up window.

11. Select among the accredited banks listed and click “Send Instructions” to receive an email instruction. If you choose to pay via “GCash,” enter your 11-digit mobile number and click “Pay.” Once payment is confirmed, return to the BM Online System page and click “My Transaction” to proceed.

12. Click “Print OEC” and a digital OEC receipt will appear. Print a copy of the OEC before your scheduled flight.

When you have an active BM Online account, you schedule an appointment for your OEC processing or acquire an OEC exemption. Securing an OEC should no longer be a problem for our modern heroes with the inception of BM Online processing system.

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