Mon. Apr 12th, 2021
Google street view

Google Street View is now helping Filipinos Out of the Country to see their Homes

How can you keep in contact with your family while you are working abroad? Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)  use Skype while others use Facebook Messenger. Others, too, use formal letters and phone calls with their families.

New Way to View Homes

Simultaneously, making things more convenient for OFWs, A Google mapping feature, called Google Street View, launched in the country last September that provides you with views from different angles of the streets. Filipinos who have access to this new technology can look at places in their previous residence with confidence.

People might find it strange to see a post featuring a screenshot of their house and a social media post with their Facebook photo interspersed.

“Nakakamiss ang bahay at mag-motor.”

“Di makauwi.. kaya hanging street view na lang muna.”

Now, a senior citizen, Zafra, another OFW, teaches senior citizens to use technology by giving instructions on how to navigate the website by showing a link to the Bulacan elementary school in one of his Facebook groups.

How to Access It

  1. Google Map – go to the Google Maps website ( or  and enter the address you want to find.
  2. Locate the yellow Pegman icon at the bottom right corner of the map.
  3. Drag the Pegman icon to the location you want. Note that the Street View only covers areas with blue lines.
  4. Adjust the view of the location by clicking on the picture. Click or tap on the left panel to move to the left panel. Click or tap the right panel to move to the right.

For Filipinos Abroad, Everything is Possible.

The Philippines is now the 69th country where Google Street View has been deployed. It was launched to boost tourism in the country.

Senator and boxing icon Manny Pacquiao is among those who recommended the use of the application. He said that because of the panoramic view, this technology allows him to showcase his province.

Many features, such as panoramic views, are included in Google Maps and Google Earth. Google has now established a partnership with the Department of Tourism to help promote Philippine tourism destinations.

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