Sat. Jun 6th, 2020
Water-Supplemented Stove

Photo Credit: Bayan Ko

GAWANG PINOY: Pinoy Invented A Water-Supplemented Stove

The Philippines is home to may great Pinoy inventors. There are a lot of circumstances where Filipinos showcase their great inventions to the world. However, because this kind of activity is a lot more expensive and needs huge funds, the Philippine government has a hard time supporting it. The reason for Filipino inventions to not be entirely known in the world.

But there are those inventions as well who made it to the records. Some of them are Armalite, Moon Buggy, and Fluorescent Lamp. But these recognitions didn’t go smoothly as well and faced a lot of controversies as other nationalities were claiming that they are the ones who discovered it.

Pinoy inventor

Recent Invention

Recently, another Filipino inventor from Cotabato City made it to the headline when he invented a water-supplemented stove. Rolly Palladio has made cooking affordable by making an eco-friendly stove that is supplied or powered by water. Palladio named his invention as “water-supplemented stove”, a stove that only needs water to work, not gas, not even electricity.

Water-Supplemented Stove

Moreover, Palladio emphasized that his invention can work with any water as long as it will not discharge C02. The water-supplemented stove has a lot of benefits not only to users but to the environment as well.

The said invention lesser the amounts of burning fossil fuel being used that is harmful to the environment. And because it only uses water to work, it’s a lot cheaper and affordable for the users.

Water-Supplemented Stove

One netizen who already used the invention said on social media:

“Hindi pula ang flame kundi mixture of yellow, white and blue kahawig sa tip ng acetylene. Ang blue part ng acetylene ay hindi pang cutting. Ang background na pula dyan sa stove ay red hot steel hindi yan flame.”
“Hindi rin ito pang display kundi usual na panggamit sa pagluluto. Paano pipekiin ang pang usual mong pangangailangan sa pang araw araw?”
“Naka save na sila sa gas, may negosyo pa sila kc sa kanila napunta ang profit. Kaya aabot ng million ang mararating sa postings dito.”

Source: OFW Chronicles

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