Tue. May 21st, 2019
Funny Conversation

OFW Shared Funny Conversation With Employer

Often times, when someone talks about the life of an OFW, you immediately hear how hard it is and it’s true. We know that being an OFW is really not easy especially, to those domestic workers where abuse happened almost all the time.

However, we should also be open-minded and see that not all OFW domestic workers are being abused and not all employers are bad. And what this OFW shared is a proof to this claim.

Funny conversation with madam

Valleryn Caranza Landong, an OFW in Malaysia shared in Pinoy OFW in Malaysia Facebook group a screenshot of her funny conversation with her employer. In their conversation, her employer is asking Valleryn to cook food for her husband.

Hillarious English

In Valleryn post, she shows how she and her employer exchange conversation in English. As we all know, English is our International Language and truth is, not everyone can speak it fluently.

We must admit that some Filipinos are not good in English. However, what’s our edge to other nationality is we try our best to converse in English and understand others even if it’s hard on our part. Just like what Valleryn did.

Despite the English of her employer being all over the corner, (hard to understand), Valleryn has no problem with it. In fact, she understood her madam perfectly.

Netizens rection

The Facebook Netizens can’t help but laugh with the conversation.

With all the OFW domestic helper abuse we read almost everywhere, and every day, it’s refreshing to encounter a post like this one. It shows that not all domestic workers are suffering in the hands of their employer. It also shows that Filipinos have a really unique way of finding happiness despite the circumstances.

We hope to read more post like this one. Spreading happiness and good vibes.

Laugh at their conversation below.

OFW Funny conversation
OFW Funny conversation
OFW Funny conversation
OFW Funny conversation
OFW Funny conversation
OFW Funny conversation

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