Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

From Nanny to a Nursing Assistant Graduate: A Story to Inspire “Don’t stop dreaming”

Nerissa Clacio Picones, 46, is one of the more than 200 Filipino Institute graduates. Picones, a nanny for a British-Irish family in Dubai, completed the Nursing Assistant professional diploma program, which lasted 24 weeks.

“I have taken the course as I needed to enhance my knowledge and seek great opportunities in the field, as well as to help our fellow especially during these trying times,” the Dubai-based Filipino nanny said. 

Picones, who has been in the UAE for eight years, stated that she chose to work abroad to help her family and provide them with a better life. The OFW had worked in a dress shop in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia before moving to the UAE.

She is responsible for her employer’s child as a nanny.


When questioned about her time at the Filipino Institute, she replied, “It’s all amazing! All the staff and our trainer have been very helpful in fulfilling our dreams to become nursing assistants.” 

Picones stated that after completing the professional diploma, she hopes to pursue a job in another nation that is connected to her study.

“Don’t stop dreaming. Always put in your mind that you’re doing this because of your family and surely you will not get lost,” she added. 

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