Fri. Jan 24th, 2020
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Friend Refusing to Lend P10,000 Got Cursed in Return

What would you feel if you refused a friend to lend her money and she got extremely furious in return? 

This is exactly what happened to Wina Dalaorao. She posted a chat conversation where her friend got mad and even cursed her after she refused to let her borrow P10,000. The said post got viral and has reached about 21,000 reaction and 23,000 shares on social media. 

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A certain friend messaged Wina, frankly asking to borrow P10,000 for the incoming 1st birthday of her child, which happened to be Wina’s god-daughter. The lady wanted to spend the money either on buying a cake, Lechon (roast pig) or hire a catering company. She added that P10,000 is just a small amount since Wina receives a huge paycheck and her father works as a seaman. 

Wina refused, saying that she does not have the said amount and that she’s not rich. She even advised her friend to be contented on what she has and don’t be pressured inviting so many friends since the celebration should be focused on her child. 

Her friend insisted that she has a lot of friends to invite and that a small preparation is not enough. She started to show her irritation and quipped that Wina should share her blessings. In addition, she did not take the advice well, instead, she started saying bad things to Wina. She started cursing her, telling her that all her blessings should be taken away from her. 

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Wina could no longer reply to these accusations since she was already blocked. This made her furious and shared her experience in social media. In her post, she explained that it doesn’t matter if she’s getting a huge paycheck or not. She has worked hard for every penny she’s receiving and doesn’t have the obligation to lend money to anyone. 

Despite her anger and frustration, she managed to hide the identity of her friend by blurring her name on their screenshot conversations. She even greeted the child a happy birthday.

Source: FB

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