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Four Ways to Get a Birth Certificate in the Philippines

Each time you need to apply for a government-issued document, someone will always ask for your birth certificate. This vital document enables you to prove your existence using details like nationality, place of origin, birthdate and of course, registered name.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has recently released a new set of guidelines on how to get a PSA-issued birth certificate. On top of conventional walk-in application at designated centers, you can also get your PSA birth certificate online. This step-by-step guide will show you how to get it in four ways whether you’re staying in the Philippines or living somewhere across the world.

Method 1: Walk-in application at Census Serbilis Center

1. Visit the Census Serbilis Center (PSA regional branch office) nearest you.

2. Bring the following documents:

A. One valid ID (accepted IDs are valid Philippine passport, PRC ID, SSS, GSIS, senior citizens ID, PWD ID, driver’s license, a current student ID, postal ID, company ID with an authorized signature, updated NBI clearance, police clearance,  and IBP ID). If you are requesting a birth certificate of another person, you need to present the ID of the applicant and your ID.

B. Authorization letter from the bearer of a birth certificate if the representative is not among the following:

  • Legal guardian (in case of a minor)
  • Biological parents
  • Direct relatives
  • Legal spouse

3. Get a birth certificate application form and a queue number. Fill out the application sheet with the correct details including the number of copies needed and purpose of the request.

4. Go to the Screener’s Desk for an assessment of your form and approval. The PSA officer will stamp your form with “OK for Payment” if there are no errors.

5. Proceed to the cashier window and pay the amount of Php140.00 and get an official receipt indicating the date and time of release.

6. Go to the releasing section to claim the requested document.

Method 2: Walk-in application at SM Business Centers

Fortunately, SM Business centers are now available to process your birth certificate request as well as other documents like marriage certificates and death. But the actual release of your record may take some time unlike when you get your birth certificate from PSA offices.

1. Proceed to the nearest SM Business center which is usually found in department stores or Hypermarket of any SM mall. You may verify online if the SM mall has its own SM Business Center.

2. Look for the line that processes civil registry documents and present one valid ID.

3. Fill out the application form, which is similar to Census Serbilis Center, with correct details and submit.

4. Pay an amount of Php160.00 (Php20 service fee from SM included) and receive an official receipt indicating the release date. Birth certificate processing from SM Business centers may take at least four days before the release.

5. Claim your birth certificate according to the release date and present the receipt and any valid ID. An authorization letter is still required if you will ask someone to claim the document on your behalf.

Method 3: Online application through e-CENSUS (PSASerbilis)

PSA Serbilis (formerly known as “e-Census”) is an online platform where you can request your birth certificate and have it delivered anywhere you prefer.

1. Click “Here to Request Now” button upon visiting the PSASerbilis home page. Click “accept” and proceed to the next page.

2. Fill out the “Contact and Information form” which includes the delivery address, personal information, and other contact details, and then click Next.

3. Click “Confirm” if you are already sure of your inputs and then select “Birth Certificate” to make the request. On the next window, answer the questions by choosing either yes or no, then click next.

4. Fill out the online application sheet with complete details. Indicate your relationship to the document owner if you are requesting a birth certificate of another person. When done, click “save.”

5. Click “Confirm” if the details you’ve given are correct and then hit the “Submit” button.

6. Pay the corresponding charges either over the counter or online services of designated banks. Corresponding fees are Php330.00 for local delivery and $20.30 for overseas delivery, inclusive of processing, government tax, and delivery charge. Payments can be made using a credit card, or at any BDO and Union Bank branches, and Bayad centers nationwide.

Method 4: Online application through PSA Helpline (PSAHelpline.ph)

With formerly PSA Helpline, birth certificates can be delivered anywhere in the Philippines within 2-7 business days as compared to 9 working days of e-Census. But the actual cost per copy is Php365.00 and its services are limited within the Philippines only.

  1. Upon visiting the PSA Helpline site, click the “Order Now” button and select the document you need.
  2. Select the purpose of your request and then fill out the online application form with complete details.
  3. Select “none” if your birth certificate has not involved with any legal proceeding.
  4. If you are not the document owner, fill out the requester name and your relationship to the bearer.
  5. Click “Submit” when done.
  6. Enter your delivery information and relevant contact details.
  7. Make a payment of Php365.00 using PSA-approved payment options.

PSA also accepts birth certificate requests through its hotline number (02) 737-1111.

A birth certificate is an important piece of document needed if you are looking for a new job, acquiring any government-issued ID, making bank transactions and submitting documents for any legal claim.


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