Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

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Former OFW has a big income in ‘Garlic business’ than working in Hong Kong

In this time and age, many stories about Overseas Filipino Workers report being maltreated and abused in their work or by their employer, and it is amusing to know that some OFWs upon returning home found a way to succeed despite their grim experience abroad.

Just like the story of Maricel Tabag, a former OFW in Hong Kong, Carolyn at first never wanted to work abroad and be separated from her family, but unfortunately, she needed to do so as her family needed her income in Hong Kong.

After 4 years of working abroad in Hong Kong, she saved enough money prompting Carolyn to return home to the Philippines.

At this point, Carolyn had an idea to set up a business pertaining to garlic as she noted that her local community in Pasuquin has the best production of garlic in the country.

With the help of the project OF-ReD, her business expanded until it became garlic and onion trading.

She never expected that her income in her Garlic business would surpass her income in Hong Kong.

Aside from a good business income, she is also grateful for having to be with her family and going home greeted with their warmth. An experience she could never do while working abroad in Hong Kong.

Carolyn’s life story is proof that there is still some opportunity in the country waiting for you, all you need is dedication and patience to succeed. You do not need to fly abroad to find work and be separated from your family and you can still give them the idle life of wish for them. Just like Carolyn finds the right time and the right strategy in life can hit you a jackpot and succeed in life.

Your hardships will be rewarded, just like Carolyn’s dedication, patience and the warmth of your family is all you need.

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