Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

Former OFW Becomes a Successful AgriBusinessman and Supports Other Farmers

While there are a lot of stories about the Filipino Overseas Workers having a rough time in another country due to physical and mental violence, it is nice to know that many of our Kababayan fellows are still harvesting the seeds they cultivate. 

One of these people is Johnny Gatus, a former San Rafael Bulacan OFW.

Good Agribusiness

Gatus grew up in a farmer’s house. He had never been interested in the farming business since he had had a chance to work in Saudi Arabia for five years. 

When he returned to the country, he began to focus on developing a farming company after someone decided to lend his farm to him for a fee. He is now a prosperous agribusinessman who has been in business for ten years. The bulk of his crops are vegetables.

“Ang gulay kasi, kumpara sa palay, mas malakas sya pagkakitaan. Halos times 4 o nagtitimes 5 pa kung minsan yung neto ng inaani sa gulay kampara sa palay o mais.”

Vegetable profits more compare to rice crops, it is 4 to 5 times more compared to rice or corn, according to Gatus.

How Did he Start

According to Gatus, he began growing crops like tomatoes, okra, and beans quickly before he learned to cultivate bitter gourd, chili pepper, and papaya. 

He also noted that when he worked overseas, the pay was reasonable. However, since he began working as a farmer, the sum he’s making is higher. While challenging at first, he learned a lot by continuously studying, attending workshops, and asking for the advice of successful businessmen and technicians.

After finding success in his farming business, Gatus also supported other farmers who could not cultivate their own land. He offered them a job at his farm. 

He also announced that he had no intention of going back as an OFW because he was already happy with the success of his company.

You may watch the full interview here:

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