Mon. Feb 17th, 2020
food deprived domestic helper

Food Deprived Domestic Helper Locked in a Room by Her Employer

In a recent shared post of OFW JOIN FORCE – Ang Boses At Kakampi Ng Mga OFW Facebook page, an OFW was crying, asking for help.

OFW cries for help

In the video, the OFW based in Saudi Arabia was crying while describing what happened to her.

According to her, it started when she asked her employer if she (employer) has sent her salary. However, the employer told her that she hasn’t sent it because there’s no money.

food deprived domestic helper

In the OFW’s anger, she told her employer that she won’t work anymore since there’s no money and no salary. That’s when her employer got angry.

Her employer locked her in a room and forbid her to eat food. Even drink water or eat wasted food, she’s not allowed.

Filipino Worker endures difficulties

You know that the main reason why Filipinos decide to go abroad is to give their family a better life. They endure all hardships they face in a foreign country just for the sake of their families better future. And of course, the core of their strength, hope, and determination is their family itself

The OFW crying in the video, despite her anxiety and sorrow, said that she will endure all the difficulties she’s going through right now. She won’t give up as long as she can until help comes.

food deprived domestic helper

Some Netizens didn’t by her story

While almost everyone took sympathy for the OFW, some scold her for not giving her complete information. Commented that she might be feeling homesick that’s why she’s being like that.

Many also said that before she cries and all, she could have stated her name, her employer’s name, and address. Because to them, how will someone be able to help her when she didn’t give even a single information about her.

We hope that her employer hasn’t confiscated her cell phone yet and that she’s able to provide complete information so that help can come to her immediately.
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